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Konbanwa ya'll!!

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Konbanwa ya'll!!

Konbanwa ya'll!!!

I hail from Houston, Tx. and ran upon this site searching for a recipe for Japanese melonpan.  I have really enjoyed visiting this site and learning about techniques and recipes. 
As for my salutation, I have been taking Japanese language courses and konbanwa means good evening.  I heard one of my classmates being silly and yelling "konbanwa ya'll" and instantly loved it so now I say it all the time.  Situation permitting that is. :o)
Other than baking bread and the Japanese language my other interests are anime, manga, fantasy/some sci-fi, rpg's (dice and paper), crochet, origami, boardgames, card games and a bunch of other stuff that slips my mind right now. 
I'm looking forward to reading future posts!! 

May your bread always rise!!
mangaholik :o)