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Let's exploit Eric!

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Let's exploit Eric!

There are some gorgeous bread (and other) photos that get posted on TFL and some that are not quite so gorgeous. I'm sure the equipment we use and our level of understanding of our cameras' capabilities range greatly. In another topic (, there has been a discussion of food photography technique with some excellent tips. Eric (ehanner) confessed to having taught digital photography, but was reticent to elaborate on his knowledge, not wanting to be off topic.

While camera technique might not have a lot to do with baking rolls for hoagies, it has a lot to do with TFL web site and our sharing of recipes, techniques and so forth. I believe all of us benefit from the photographs we share. They are inspiring and informative. 

Therefore, I propose that we have a forum devoted to improving our food photography competence and hope that members like Eric who have a better technical understanding of the topic use it to help us all improve our understanding and skills.

Is there a second?


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Isn't the "Photos" forum adequate for those discussions? I don't see the necessity of creating a seperately walled-off section of the site for discussions of food photography when there already is a photo section on a food site.  I can rename it "Photos and Photography," if that makes a difference.

I share your appreciation of Eric's willingness to share his expertise. His blog post on photography is a very good digital photography primer.

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Hi, Floyd.

If you want discussions of photo technique there, I'm easy. I hadn't seen Eric's blog post. Thanks for pointing it out.


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Took me forever just to figure out how to get my photo's downsized and Im going to learn how to use my easy point and click Im learning how to bake bread...what more could you ask...Im all for it!! :))


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I will gladly help where I can. I have taken a great deal from this community over the last couple of years, glad to push the line back some.

A few years ago I did some consulting for a sporting goods company that wanted to improve their on line presence. I set up a product display booth with lighting to shoot everything from watches to snowboards and clothing. The setup I put together for these folks is something anyone could do if you took the time to figure out how to solve a few simple problems. With the popularity of online auction and sales sites, it would be helpful to be able to shoot food/product images for a variety of reasons. This shooting booth was a flash system designed to show the products on a white background, without shadows. We don't do that sort of thing here although the general concept is similar. Understand how you want the image to look and arrange the lighting and props to look like they belong.

By the way, from what I have seen around Milwaukee, I think a person could make a nice amount of money doing product photo work in your own area for small retail stores that also sell on the Internet. Store owners start off thinking it's easy to shoot a snap shot but quickly learn that there is a big difference between a photograph and a snap shot. It's a little like baking. Hey, it's only 4 ingredients, how hard could French Bread be?


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were already sent to my photographer! I copied and pasted your tips and e-mailed them to my hubby for future reference.

Thank you!