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Black & Decker Bread machines

April 13, 2013 - 9:37pm -- mmelaprof

I had a Black and Decker 1-1/2 - 2 pound bread machine for 13 years.  It made great bread and people even asked if this was actually a bread machine recipe, no matter what kind I made.

 I could not find replacement parts so I purchased their newer model that only does 1-1/2 pound loaves.The recipe included is SADLY lacking.  I have not had a good loaf yet.

I would like 2 basic recipes:    white bread and whole wheat bread.

Nothing fancy, please, just dependable recipes.

I enjoyed reading the bread machine book discussions, and I do thank you for those.

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Red Star PLATINUM Yeast Sampling/Baking contest winners

December 19, 2012 - 4:42pm -- KosherEye

Hi, is delighted to announce that we have posted the winning recipes for the Red Star PLATINUM Yeast Sampling/Baking contest. We received so many great recipes...there are a lot of fabulous bakers out there! Please visit with us and view the 3 winning recipes selected by Red Star Yeast.

We thank members of the Fresh Loaf who submitted recipes.

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February 22, 2012 - 4:47pm -- frenchcreek baker





MARCH 10-15, 2012

Günter Franz 

Guest Instructor European Master Baker

                              Small Class Size         Hands-On         Wood Fired Oven 


Learn the inside secrets to making European baked goods and specialty German breads. 

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There is a Sourdough movement going on in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
All The Fresh Loafers should look at "Sourdough Baker" website for different ways of making sourdough.

I am working my way through some of Warwick's everyday breads. I especially like the convenience of the "old dough method".
The "porridge" method is very successful.
The ideas for beginning and maintaining starters make this easy.
The delayed salt method is of value to all wild yeast bakers.
The story of the formation and demise of the Sourdough Cafe is below.

The translation of the French word “artisanat” to “craft” in English barely does it justice. In French, it refers to the practice of a handmade craft, usually anchored in tradition, like ceramics or woodworking but the word also begins with “Art” giving artisans and artists a common root and a shared passion for what they produce. While bread-making may not technically qualify as art, Warwick Quinton certainly deserves the title of “artisan” and if his beautifully golden sourdough bread wasn’t so tasty, you might even be tempted to frame it and hang it on your wall.

Warwick’s passion for sourdough started with a girl who was yeast intolerant. Armed with John Downe’s “The Natural Tucker Bread Book”, he soon started baking his own naturally fermented sourdough. The girl came and went but the sourdough stayed and evolved into a series of businesses, from Sydney to the Blue Mountains and until recently, in Newcastle, as the popular Sourdough Baker Cafe on Hunter Street, renown for its honest breakfasts, good coffee and of course, the warm and crusty loaves always fresh out of the custom-made oven, affectionately known as “Bertha”.

The cafe was conceived as a “community enterprise”, a business owned, controlled and used by the members of the community. The bakery and cafe, along with Warwick’s blog, his website and a series of regular workshops have built a strong fan base among Novocastrians, on both sides of the counter, as customers and apprentice bakers.

A couple of months ago, the Sourdough Baker Cafe “came up against the perfect storm” as Warwick describes it. “Bertha”, originally built as a prototype started showing signs of fatigue, the shop’s ventilation system broke down and the rent became unmanageable. The absence of financial backing was the undoing of the much-loved cafe which reluctantly closed its doors after just 18 months in business.

“What emerged from that was this incredibly faithful following in Newcastle and we started using that group of people as a sounding board for ideas.” One of those ideas is the “Village Bakery”, Warwick’s latest social enterprise. The concept is simple. People subscribe to a weekly delivery of freshly baked sourdough bread delivered to their homes every Saturday. After only a few weeks, the Village Bakery already has 50 subscribers all over Newcastle.

In addition, Warwick is still running his regular and very popular sourdough workshops from the new kitchen in Newcastle West. In one day, you will “cover all the basics of sourdough breadmaking and ‘sole baking’ techniques for home breadmakers, from beginners to advanced” and take your own bread home.

Whether you like your bread delivered to your door, made with your own hands or have it with coffee and baked beans, you have plenty of options for how to get your sourdough but what you get hasn’t really changed at all, “just sourdough, nothing else and getting as close to perfection as possible using the simplest technology to do it.” Spoken like a true artisan.

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jim lahey's 'my bread'

November 3, 2011 - 7:40am -- svar

I first came across Jim Lahey's book on amazon when I was searching for a Dutch oven.  I had just bought Tartine Bread (Chad Robertson) and was planning to try the recipe.  Am still waiting to beginthe starter (I travel a lot and am trying to figure out how to keep it going) and for my pan to be ordered (I live in India!).  But, I am going to order my Dutch oven and I wanted some feedback on whether I should also consider buying Jim Lahey's (or any other) book that has recipes for the Dutch oven.

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Recipes Understood, Converted, and Screened

August 17, 2010 - 11:23pm -- MIchael_O

In response to hearing people ask recipe-related questions I have created a

chart that graphs all baked goods (cookies, cakes, muffins, etc) using three numbers. The chart is easy to understand There is some math behind it so I automated everything with a web application called Caked-Face Menace.

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Tired of imperial measurements? Check out my new blog.

December 9, 2009 - 8:27am -- milwaukeecooking

I have just started a blog and I am looking for feedback on recipes and other people to try my recipes.  I will have lots of pictures and lots of recipes.  I use baker's percents and scale all of my ingredients.  So, if you are looking for recipes that follow the metric system look no further.  If you also have a blog I will gladly check it out and follow you.  Comments are always appreciated and fun to find.

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In search of a bread recipe using sour cream and sourdough starter

November 20, 2009 - 9:26pm -- Trialer70

I currently have a wonderful starter that originated from the pineapple juice based starter recipe and would like to find some bread recipes using it in conjunction with sour cream as an ingredient.  I've always liked the texture I get when I use sour cream in recipes.  Anybody have suggestions?  Any kind of bread will do--savory, sweet or plain.  Thanks!

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I spent my summers on Cape Cod where there were cranberry bogs in our back yard. After the harvest was over there were often many berries just lying on top of the bog that got missed in the harvest and we would collect them and make muffins, cranberry bread and mix them with apple pie - they add a little tartness to the pie that I really like. 

View my recipe for Cranberry Walnut bread  at


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