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pie crust

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Spelt Pastry - Using Ghee instead of butter?

July 9, 2011 - 9:31pm -- bread10


I would like to make pastry but will have to make a few 'twists' in the recipe.

I am unable to have modern wheat but can have spelt and khorasan. I am also unable to have butter, butter substitutes or margarine, but can have Ghee (clarified butter).


Anyway I was thinking of making the pastry for pies and vegetable triangles using spelt flour and was wondering whether I could substitute ghee instead of butter in the recipe?


If so do I substitute 1:1 or how much?


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French bread and pie crusts

November 22, 2008 - 6:52pm -- amyt

WOW! Made my first hand-milled loaf... and my arm'd tired but we are HOOKED on the taste!!!

Well, always looking for a challenge, I'm now wondering if I dare work hand-milled into the family THanksgiving I'm hosting (I know, nothing like last minute planning). I'll be doing French bread with the appetizer, which I usually make with KA all-purpose flour... anyone made French bread with hand-milled? Should I use hard white wheat? Would it make more sense to mix hand-milled with store-bought?

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