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Floydm's picture

Brr... cold today, the furnace is on.  A perfect time to bake!

We're just back from a trip up to Victoria, BC.  Had some excellent baked goods at a cafe on Government Street.





I didn't get a picture of the danishes, but they were even prettier.

Enough talk, time to bake!


Trisk's picture

Well, this loaf came out a lot better.  So much so that I had actually eaten the majority of it before I thought to take a picture.  Suffice to say, it was a nice, moist, slightly sour rye-wheat loaf with a firm crust and a semi-open crumb.  It stuck a bit to the pan, but that was sort of my fault.  I'm very pleased with this, though.   My next step is to actually make a bread with some sort of aesthetic shape to it, and perhaps slash it a bit.  I will try to take a picture before I eat it all next time. 

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I was surfing the net and ran across this neat tool that will help you with your formula. just plug in your #'s and it will figure it out for you

this one if for sour dough

here is the main page with some great info and add'l calculators for your baking needs

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Trisk's picture


Well, there it lies.  It's a nice loaf, with a crisp crust, although the crumb is sort of unpleasant and doughy.  My starter works, though!   

Maryd's picture

I'm having a hard time finding an recipe for Olive bread.  Any ideas?

helend's picture

Yesterday was not a good day in many ways. Woke up tired and headachy and the pouring rain didn't help. Nothing much to do except paperwork and then England performed abysmally in the ODI.

So ... time to make something new. As usual The Fresh Loaf is the first port of call and a trawl through the "in the news" column once again paid dividends.

This is my version of "Chocolate Babka" a bread I have not heard of before. I left out the nuts (my husband doesn't like them), added a little chopped milk chocolate and could only use 1tbs melted butter for the filling. The streusal toppping seemed odd proportions - for 1tbs butter I needed a lot more flour/sugar to make a "crumble" and have ended up with a bowl left over.

However the rest of the recipe went well and the result pleasingly sweet and moist, cheering us all up with hot tea and a cosy fire in the afternoon.

One to keep!

PS Sorry about the fuzzy image - oops!


Trisk's picture

I decided that, whilst waiting for my autolyse, I would make an account on here to chronicle my progress. I'm in the beginning stages of what should be a decent loaf if I don't muck it up. I'm using a fairly mushy dough, and this is going to be the first chance for glory with my brand-new starter, which I've managed to make grow from the wastes of Wyoming, where I thought nothing lived. Apparently, we have yeast.

The starter, by the way, owes credit to SourdoLady's methods involving pineapple juice, which seem to have worked wonderfully.

This will be the first loaf of bread I've baked in about a month, I've just never had the time or inclination to do so until now. I'll post results once I'm done. Wish me luck!

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hello from canada


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