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Almost 9 months since I began my sourdough starter, and I finally feel like I'm getting a teeny bit of a handle on this, which I say joyfully but cautiously.

My bread is still more or less the Norwich Sourdough that so many have found success with, with some occasional flour tweaks. I went through a long "wilderness" period of upping the hydration to 76% or so, but it gave me so many problems that I was eventually forced to confront the fact that I was playing with such a wet dough purely because I felt I had something to prove. I scaled back down to Susan's original quantities and am still getting a nice open crumb, but with a dough that I can actually work with, and that doesn't stick to bannetons like cement.

I keep my starter at about 25% rye, which (rightly or wrongly) I feel gives it more vitality in the fridge, and also gives my breads a nice extra bit of flavor dimension.

These days I'll make 2 kilos of dough, shape them into 2 equal-sized boules, bake 1 straight away, and give the other one a good long retard in the fridge. That way I end up with 1 good but fairly neutral loaf, and one with really rich flavor. I enjoy using each kind for different things.

Some observations on scoring, which was my bugbear for several months. Many people on this forum continually told me to score more shallow, more at an angle. Nothing helped. Then I came across this blog post, which recommends

"once you've shown restraint in hydration [which I did when I reverted to Susan's original Norwich proportions]...score DEEPLY. and score TWICE. that's my secret. yes, twice. you score the pattern that you want, then you go back in and cut through the dough again, deeply."

This seemed to go against everything I had been repeatedly told, but I wasn't getting anywhere with my shallow curved-lame slashes, so I thought, what the hell.

The result was my first-ever ears!

Now I have so much fun playing with new patterns.

No great crumb shots, unfortunately, but you can get a bit of a sense from this pic of my garlic bread stash. This is the blander of the two boules that I make; I prefer to save the sour, richer one for plain eating:

Final note/plea for wisdom: lately I've been enjoying baking my boules in an enameled cocotte, which is so much easier than those crazy lengths we all go to in order to "create steam," but I am finding that the bottom of the bread gets a bit too black. Not to the point of burning, but it's problematic if I want to make toast. Does anyone have a way of getting around this? Here is a shot of a blackened bottom (I'm holding the bread upside down):

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Yesterday, I baked a couple loaves of my version of the Pain de Campagne from Ken Forkish's Flour Water Salt Yeast. I increase the whole wheat flour proportion and also substitute some medium rye for AP flour. And then, of course, my timing of the various steps is quite different from Forkish's. Anyway, it's really good bread.

 I also made a couple loaves of San Francisco-style Sourdough with dried sour cherries and toasted hazelnuts. I used Forkish's standard levain for both of these breads.

Here is the formula and procedures for the Cherry-Hazelnut Sourdough:


Final dough

Wt (g)

AP flour


WW Flour


Water (80ºF)




80% hydration levain


Roasted & peeled hazelnuts, wholes and halves


Dried sour cherries (rinsed & drained)






  1. In a stand mixer, mix the flour and water at low speed until it forms a shaggy mass.

  2. Cover and autolyse for 30 minutes

  3. Add the salt and levain to the autolyse, and mix at low speed for 1-2 minutes, then increase the speed to medium (Speed 2 on a KitchenAid) and mix for 5 minutes. Add flour and water as needed. The dough should clean the sides of the bowl but not the bottom.

  4. Add the nuts and the cherries to the dough and mix at low speed until well-distributed in the dough. (About 2 minutes)

  5. Transfer to a lightly floured board, do a stretch and fold, and form a ball.

  6. Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and cover tightly.

  7. Ferment at 76º F for 2 1/2 to 3 hours with a stretch and fold at 50 and 100 minutes.

  8. Divide the dough into two equal pieces.

  9. Pre-shape as rounds and rest, covered, for 10 minutes.

  10. Shape as boules or bâtards and place in bannetons. Place bannetons in plastic bags.

  11. Proof at room temperature (68-70º F) for 30 minutes or so.

  12. Cold retard the loaves overnight.

  13. The next morning, proof the loaves at room temperature while the oven pre-heats.

  14. 45-60 minutes before baking, pre-heat the oven to 480º F with a baking stone and steaming apparatus in place.

  15. Transfer the loaves to a peel. Score the loaves as desired, turn down the oven to 460º F, steam the oven, and transfer the loaves to the baking stone.

  16. After 15 minutes, remove the steaming apparatus, and turn down the oven to 435º F/Convection. (If you don't have a convection oven, leave the temperature at 460º F.)

  17. Bake for another 15-20 minutes until nicely browned and the loaves sound hollow when thumped on the bottom.

  18. Transfer the loaves to a cooling rack, and cool thoroughly before slicing.

This bread has a nice San Francisco-style sourdough flavor. The Hazelnuts have a mild, nutty flavor, but the cherries are the star of the show with a hit of intense fruity tartness. 

We took a loaf of each bread to some friends house for dinner. The Cherry-Hazelnut sourdough was pretty yummy with cheeses and an Orvieto, which they had brought back from Orvieto.

Happy baking!


Edo Bread's picture
Edo Bread

This CTC (Clean The Cupboard) loaf was created to use up some grains and take advantage of the oven-dried tomatoes from the days big harvest.

The formula was something like this:

  • 100g farro
  • 100g WW flour
  • 400g Bread flour
  • 150g white flour levain - mild 100% H
  • 150g rye flour levain - sour 100%H
  • unknown quantity of oven-dried tomatoes and grated parmesan.
  • sesame and chia seeds

Was really delicious and with additional oven-dried tomatoes slathered on was a meal in itself.

CAphyl's picture

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow TFL baker during my trip to the UK from California.  I had noticed last year on TFL that Peter (blueboy2419) baked some impressive breads with beer and mentioned a beer festival that he volunteers at every year in Liverpool, my husband’s home town.  More than a year ago, I found out that we would be in town for the beer festival, as we were going to be in the UK for my niece’s wedding.  Peter gave me information on the festival, and I bought tickets. While I am not a lover of beer, my husband and my brother-in-law are real fans of lagers and ales, and they quite enjoyed the beer.  Peter offered his expert advice, which was helpful, as there were literally hundreds of beers. Peter has used some of the beer and stout featured at the festival in his breads.

The St. George’s Hall Beer Festival is held in the Great Hall of a fabulous historic building.  You can see the photo of Peter and me at the festival hall. It was fun to meet Peter, and he gave me helpful advice for purchasing the right kind of flours for my baking in Liverpool.  My husband’s family are all fans of the Liverpool Football Club (LFC), and Peter is an ardent fan of Everton, their cross town rivals.  Interestingly, the “derby” or annual contest when they play each other was on Saturday (we met Peter on Thursday), so that always is an interesting Reds (LFC) vs. Blues (Everton) conversation! The game was on during the wedding, so many of the chaps were itching to go to see the score. It ended in a tie, 1-1.

While in the UK, I did bake a bit, but had several disasters.  I ended up making rolls out of a classic sourdough loaf I was making, and they turned out OK, as you can see below.


Because of all commitments we have had with family and friends, I was making the dough and bread meet my schedule, which did not work, needless to say. I brought my sourdough starter over in checked baggage last year, and I revived it with no problem after several months.

I will have to chronicle some other bakes when I have more internet access.  It was great to meet Peter and bake for my UK family and friends.  Now, it's back to California.  Best,  Phyllis

DespoGeorgiou's picture

Baking is like romance. Everything has got to be just right for it to work well. One wrong ingredient and the entire process can go for a toss.

It can get slightly complicated at times, but there's nothing that timely intervention cannot sort out. The result can be unpredictable - sometimes exactly what you expected, sometimes not.

Well, maybe enduring the results of wrong baking techniques is a tad tougher than being in a bad romance.

Buying cakes and pastries is an easier way out, as dessert eateries can be found all over America. Whether you're looking for a pastry shop in Raleigh or in Boston, rest assured that your sweet tooth will be satiated.

Baking your own desserts and pastries, however, is the real deal.

While you may already be aware of some dos and don'ts of baking them, here are a few more rules you need to keep in mind to prevent culinary disasters.

1. Always Read the Recipe before Beginning

Well begun is half done!

You will do well in giving the entire recipe a proper read before you get down to prepping for it. Some ingredients may be required to soak overnight, or be heated/chilled before being used.

Not knowing about the nitty-gritty beforehand can throw you out of gear and ruin the recipe.

It is, therefore, crucial to the success of your dish that you're sure of what is required from you - whether it is the ingredients or the instructions. This way you can avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

2. Do Not Multitask

Baking demands your full focus, attention, and care. It also requires optimum levels of accuracy. Unlike other methods of cooking, there's nothing you can do to improvise or substitute ingredients at the last moment, or after the baking pan has gone into the oven.

It makes sense then, to give it what it demands so vehemently. Do not make the mistake of doing multiple things at once when baking. Let your phone ring, give your TV show a miss, and ignore other distractions. Stick only to the activity at hand - when sieving, only sieve; when mixing, only mix.

3.  Use High-quality Utensils

Make sure you use good-quality utensils when baking. From the mixing bowl to the baking pan, they've got to work well with the recipe. If you're baking for many, use larger mixing bowls. Additionally, you also need to use pans that fit properly into your oven. Do not use pans that are not safe for use in an oven as that may prove to be dangerous.

Before you start the baking process, make sure you have the right kinds of utensils and assemble them on your kitchen counter. Adhere to the pan size mentioned in the recipe as they are carefully calculated as to yield. Making alterations to it can change the baking temperature and time.

Always prepare the pan according to the recipe. Place it in the center of the oven for best results.

4. Use Parchment Paper

Apart from greasing your baking pan, it is also important to line it with parchment paper before you pour in the dough/batter. By doing so you provide your cake/muffins with the support they need for sliding out easily when removing them from their pan/molds. Parchment paper also prevents them from breaking.

5. Measure Your Ingredients Correctly

Precision being so important in baking, you need to make sure that you get your measurements right. Also, use wet measures for wet ingredients and dry measures for the dry ones.

Use measuring cups and spoons for accurate measurement. Stray from the measurements mentioned in the recipe at your own peril as even a minor change in the quantity of ingredients can result in the dish going awry.

6. Use Top Notch Ingredients

If you desire top notch results, you will have to use the best products in concocting your desserts. Make sure you use ingredients that are fresh and of the finest quality. Use them at the right temperature. If you want to substitute one ingredient for another, make sure you make your choices wisely and correctly, rather than based on assumptions.

7. Mix Appropriately

As easy as mixing a handful of ingredients in a bowl sounds, it is not. In fact, with baking, the mixing aspect involves that you pay careful attention to the 'how' and the 'how much' of it. One recipe may require that you hand-mix, another may require you to use a hand blender.

A few recipes call for mixing the batter until it becomes smooth, while others may require you to mix until the ingredients have just combined. So do pay attention to detail.

Mixing can be tricky when it comes to desserts. It needs the combination of the perfect speed, temperature and duration to form perfectly-sized air cells for the ideal texture.

Proper and adequate mixing of the dough/batter ensures that there are no lumps or mounds in the cake. Over-mixing can result in the formation of holes in the finished product.

8. Use the Right Flour

Ensure that you use the correct flour when baking particular desserts. If a recipe calls for cake or pastry flour then there's a reason for it. All-purpose or bread flour in such cases may result in a hard crumb. Toughness in cakes is often caused by over-mixing, or using the wrong type of flour.

9. Always Let Your Cake Cool Off

After removing the cake or pastry from the oven, do not let it cool off completely in the pan itself. Let it rest in it for about 5 - 10 minutes. Gently remove it and place it on a wire rack or a plate by inverting the pan, and watch it slide off easily. Let it cool down completely before you slice it.

How do you know when is the right time to cut it? Simply insert a toothpick or a clean knife into it. If it comes out clean, your cake is done to perfection and is ready to be served.


If you like baking, you will have probably experienced all the emotions that come along with it - excitement, joy, anxiety, anticipation, impatience, and sometimes even panic. But that's the beauty of it. Most of the time, the finished product is worth all the sweat and blood that you put in, but when it's not, it is important to figure out what went wrong and avoid repeating the mistake. I hope the above rules will help you deliver the perfect result with each recipe.

blackhatbaker's picture

That was today's bake. Only one loaf, because I did go a little crazy on Friday.

I feel like using a dough of 86% hydration, using double the leaven, and doing plenty of gentle bucket folds is getting consistently good loaves. Also, just tweaking on the same formula a lot probably helps. My scoring is getting better, too; I'm trying not to go over the cuts again, but just leave the thin slashes. It's really taken my a long, long time to get a hang of scoring, but I think I'm starting to get it.

That's all for now,


Nella's picture

do I have to soften the cracked wheat before I add it to a bread recipe?

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2/9/2012 - Whole Wheat Crusted Apple Caramel Galette w/ fresh ginger and assorted bourbon dried fruits.

2/9/2012 - Blueberry SD pancakes this time,

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3/1/2012 - I've been working on a new home made Gas Regeneration BBQ /Smoker

3/3/2012 - Miscellaneous stuff at the end of the week

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3/14/2012 - Corned Beef and Cabbage - 2 ways - possibly more

3/15/2012 - Just look at the pictures my new old camera takes!!

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3/23/2012 - Making Red Rye Malt

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4/30/2012 - 50% Multigrain SD W/ Rye Scald, Rye Sprouts, Borodinski Altus and Pepitas, Caraway and Flax Seeds

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5/16/2012 - Having the daughter

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5/20/2012 - Apple Strawberry Ginger Crisp, Teriyaki and Lunch for Two

5/22/2012 - txfarmer's Croissant and Dainish Converted over to SD and YW - 3 Ways with Chia Seeds

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6/24/2-12 - Twisted Sisters Chacon : 67% Whole Rye & Wheat with Sprouts & Seeds.

6/28/2012 - Franko finally got to the top of the list

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9/15/2012 - Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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10/24/2012 -Tuesday Pizza Night - Crust 3 Ways with 25% Whole Grains

10/25/2012 - San Franciso Sourdough - 15% Whole Grain

10/27/2012 - Extended - SD Starter Experiment - 24 hour Countertop SFSD and a Seeded, Fig and Pistacio

10/30/2012 - Two DO Chacons Couldn’t Be Any Different

11/2/2012 - Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week one

11/2/2012 - Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week Two

11/2/2012 - 26% Whole Grain YW / SD Bagels with Sprouts

11/5/2012 - 24 hour 10% Whole Grain SFSD & SD Seeded Fig Bread with Pistachios - 1 g of Starter - No Levain

11/9/2012 - 60% Whole Grain SD / YW Bread With Caraway, Rye Chops, Coffee and Cocoa

11/9/2012 - Prune & Brazil Nut Sourdough with Bulgar Scald, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds

11/14/2012 - Not So Stollen

11/16/2012 - Thanksgiving Multi-Grain Marble Chacon

11/20/2012 - SD Stuffing Bread

11/21/2012 - Poolish Stuffing Bread

11/23/2012 - Not So Stollen - Thanksgiving Take

11/23/2012 - Daughter Does French Slap and Folds for Her Poolish Thanksgiving Rolls

11/27/2012 - A Chacon for Eric

12/7/2012 - 75% Whole Grain YW / SD Caramelized Onion, Wild Rice, Sprouts & Baltika Porter Bread

12/14/2012 - Multigrain SD / YW Porter Bread with Roasted Onions, Sprouts, Malts and Seeds

12/17/2012 - Puff Paste Experiments

12/18/2012 - Puffy So Not Rugelach

12/21/2012 - Christmas Sourdough Chacon - Figs, Pistachios and Seeds

12/25/2012 - Christmas Bi-Color Rose - 30% Whole Grain, Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato

12/25/2012 - Not So Stollen - 6 Weeks later

12/29/2012 - 25% Whole Grain Multi-grain Bagels


dabrownman's picture

Our half pie / half crisp Apple New Year's Pie is made with a short crust bottom and a crisp top made with 1/3 C each almond granola, oats, sugar, flour and 4 T butter with some salt and pumpkin pie spices about 1/8th tsp each..


The inside has two different kinds of Honey Crisp and some Granny Smith apples.  How they get Honey Crisp apples to be so big and so small is beyond genetic engineering but they are by far the best apples for pie bar none.

Still we like to have at least two different kinds of apples in the filling along with some fresh lemon juice and 11 tap fresh minced ginger, 2/3 C total of white and brown sugar, 3/4 C total of snockered cranberries and raisins soaked in 2 T of bourbon and brandy with, 1 T corn starch and 1/8 tsp salt and pumpkin pie spices.


We par cook the filling to get the caramel going  and to get the apples pre softened since you cannot bake this at a high temperature or the crisp topping will burn.  It is baked at 375 F for 20 minutes, to set the bottom crust and then 30 minutes at 350 F trying not to burn the top but still get the middle bubbling through the topping at the edges.  This might be the best apple pie I have ever tasted.

The 2nd pie is our Saturday Pizza made with a double 12 hour preferments made from our cherry yeast water and a poolish with a pinch of yeast.   We used KA bread flour some slap and folds followed by stretch and folds where we incorporated the rosemary garlic and sun dried tomatoes into the dough.

After an hour on the bench to bulk ferment a final stretch and fold was done and the dough retarded for 6 hours  It warmed up on the counter for 2 and half hours before being formed into 2 large pizza pies.  The crust was brushed wih mojo de ajo before the red sauce went on, pepperoni, Mozzarella, 2 home made pork sausages, Italian and chorizo and 1 store bought chicken Italian sausage.

It was then topped of will yellow and red peppers crimini and button mushrooms, red and green onions, Parmesan and Pecorino cheeses.  Forgot the olives and fresh basil again.  The pies were baked at 550 F on a stone in Big Old Betsy.  This crust was very crisp, tasty and the pizza terrific.

Pizza Formula 

Pinch of Yeast PoolishBuild 1Total%
KA Flour11811833.71%
Cherry YW & Water11811833.71%
Levain Totals % 
Multigrain Whole Flour11833.71% 
Levain Hydration100.00%  
Levain % of Total Flour 25.21%  
Dough Flour % 
KA Flour350100.00% 
Total Dough Flour350100.00% 
Dough Hydration61.71%  
Total Flour w/ Starter468  
Water w/ Starter334  
Hydration with Starter 71.37%  
Total Weight811  
Grobread's picture

This is my first post ever, though I have been consulting the site for quite a while now. So hi, everybody, I'm glad to be here and hope to be a part of this awesome baking community!

This is a sourdough loaf with whole grain wheat, rye and oat flour, with chocolate and cranberries.

70% hidration; 50% wheat, 25% rye, 25% oats. For about 400 grams of dough, I used 40 grams of mexican chocolate from Oaxaca (it's mostly used for making hot chocolate beverage, it has cinammon and a more crumbly texture which I love; I also make pain au chocolat with it and its great); and 30 gr. of dehidrated cranberries. 

I keep a whole wheat 100% hidration starter, I took 40 gr. and added 40 gr. of rye flour and 40 gr. of water and lef at room temperature for about 6 hours. Then I mixed in the preferment with the rest of the flour, salt and water, kneaded for about 5 minutes and let rest for 30 min. Then I made 4 strech and folds at 30 minute intervals, added the chocolate and cranberries before the second S&F, After the fourth S&F I let it sit about an hour, then shaped and retarded proofing overnight and baked in a dutch oven this morning.

The flavor is great, although I would have like a more open crumb. I might substitute part of the WW for bread flour next time; and perhaps I'll be more generous with the chocolate and cranberries too.

All in all, it was a good experiment and I'll definitively try again, maybe adjusting a few things. Any suggestions?

Happy baking! I'ts nice to finally share something here.


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