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2014 Dabrownman’s TFL Blog Index


1/1/2014 - New Year’s Panettone - 2014

1/3/2014 - YW SD Spelt and White Whole Wheat Miche

1/5/2014 -  Saturday Night Pizza - 1/4/2014

1/7/2014 - YW SD ADY Poolish, Tang Zhong Rosemary, Sun Dried Tomato & Parmesan Buns

1/10/2014 - 28 % Whole Multigrain Sourdough with Corn, Potato, Farina and Oat.

1/12/2014 - Saturday Night Calzones – or are they Stromboli’s?

1/17/2014 - Go Tang Zhong Sour Cream, Seeded, Aromatic Sourdough Buns

1/18/2014 - Toady Tang Zhong Multigrain Sourdough Boule

1/23/2014 - Yeast Water and Poolish 42 Percent Whole Multigrain Walnut and Pistachio Bread

1/24/2014 - 50 Percent Whole Multi-grain Sourdough

1/31/2014 - 60 Percent Whole Multigrain Sourdough with Sprouts, Seeds & Yogurt Whey

2/1/2014 - 16 % Whole Multigrain SD with Sesame, Flax and Chia Seeds

2/7/2014 - Dark Russian Jewish Rye Bread with Porter, Prunes, Nuts and Aromatic Seeds

2/14/2014 - Lucy’s Take on Josh’s Version of Pane Maggiore On Valentines Day - 2 Ways

2/20/2014 - Lucy’s Take on Adri’s Westphalian Rye

2/28/2014 - Un-Smoked Spelt Sprouter with Turkish Figs, Seeds, Aromatics & Some Nuts

3/5/2014 - Poolish Calzones and Yeast Water Italian Bread

3/7/2014 - White SD Bread

3/14/2014 - St Paddy’s Day Challenge YW Shamrock on a !00% Whole Wheat SD Chacon

3/21/2014 - Too Pooped To Pop - 56.5 Percent Whole Multigrain Sourdough

3/26/2014- 107% Whole Grain 8 Grain Sourdough

4/4/2014 - 50 Percent Whole Grain 10 Grain Sourdough – One with Cranberries and Seeds

4/6/2014 - Poolish Naan

4/11/2014 - Plotziade Sourdough Chacon

4/13/2014 - Yeast Water Poolish Pizza

4/15/2014 - Lucy’s Take On Wolfgang Puck’s Passover Gefilta Fish

4/17/2014 - Banana Bread

4/18/2014 - Sourdough Hot Cross Buns - 50% Whole Grain

4/19/2014 - Pizza Civitavecchia

4/20/2014 - Last of the Easter Sourdough Bakes Turns Ugly in a Tasty Way

4/21/2014 - Re-Do of the Last Easter Sourdough Bake for BBQ

4/22/2014 - Sacaduros - 46 Percent Whole Grains

4/23/2014 - Half Whole Grain SD Garlic Naan, Onion and Cilantro

4/25/2014 - Seeded Sourdough Multigrain Chacon

5/2/2014 - Everyday 7 Grain Sourdough

5/6/2014 - Cinco de Mayo - 2014

5/9/2014 - Getting Ready for Ploetziade 2

5/16/2014 - Boule and Pumpernickel for Plotziade 2

5/23/2014 - 10 Grain 50 Percent Whole Grain Sourdough - Back To The Old Sourdough Ways

5/26/2014 - Memorial Weekend Pizza - 2014

5/30/2014 - 67% Whole 10 Grain Baguettes

6/6/2014 - Spelt, Farro, Rye and Wheat Sourdough – 50% Whole Grain

6/9/2014 - Italian Yeast Water Buns

6/11/2014 - Italian Style YW Pizza

6/13/2014 - No……. Not Those Pharaohs

6/17/2014 - Calzones and Triple Levain Madness

6/20/2014 - Götz von Berlichingen Ancient Age Sourdough Bread

6/23/2014 - Yeast Water Whole Grain Breakfast Rolls w/ Snockered Fruit and Dark Chocolate

6/27/2014 - Lucy’s Take on Einstein’s Swabian Potato Bread - Schwäbisches Kartoffelbrot

7/4/2014 - 4th of July – 15 Grain Independence Sourdough Challenge Bake

7/11/2014 - 3 Sprouted Grain SD with One No Sprout

7/14/2014 - Lemon and Corn Pie - Old Southern Favorite - Chess Pie

7/18/2014 - Sprouted Multigrain Potato Sourdough with Spelt, Rye, Emmer and Wheat

7/23/2014 - Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato Multigrain Pizza Focaccia

7/25/2014 - 6 Grain Fennel and Fig Sourdough

8/1/2014 - Sprouted Pa de Pagès Català Sourdough

8/8/2014 - Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough Chacon with Whey, Walnuts and Sage

8/15/2014 - Lucy’s Sorta Tzitzel Like Sprouted Sourdough

8/22/2014 - No Knead Sprouted Spelt, Barley & Potato Sourdough

8/25/2014 - Poolish Pizza Without Daughter

8/20/2014 - Sprouted Spelt, Barley, Rye and Wheat Sourdough with 5 Seeds and Brazil Nuts

9/11/014 - Spelt and Wheat Sourdough with Figs, Pistachios, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

9/18/2014 - 20% Multi - Whole Grain Sourdough - Lucy's 44 Hour Fat Bags

9/19/2014 - Lucy's Fruit Stupid -Version 2

9/23/2014 - Knishes

9/25/2014 - Porter, Prune & Walnut Multigrain SD Bread with a No Fruit No Nut Potato Water Version

9/28/2014 - Pie Parade



2013 The Fresh Loaf Dabrownman’s Blog


1/4/2013 - Panettone - The Last Bake of 2012

1/4/2013 - New Year's Day Pizza and Banana Bread Cupcakes

1/5/2012 - Hanseata’s Sausage Filled Puff Pastry with Cheese

1/7/2013 - Multi-grain Cream Cheese Sourdough with Multi-grain Scalded Soaker

1/11/2013 - Multi-grain Sourdough Chacon with Olives, Sun Dried Tomato, Garlic, Rosemary and 2 Cheeses

1/16/2013 - Multi-grain Sourdough with Sprouts, Scald, Seeds, Nuts and Prunes

1/17/2013 - Multigrain Yeast Water Bread with Sprouts, Scald, Seeds, Nuts and Prunes

1/23/2013 - White Whole Wheat with Combo YW, Poolish, SD Starter, Water Roux and Wheat Berry Scald

1/25/2013 - SD, YW, Biga, Rye, Spelt, Tang Zhong Bread with Scald, Seeds and Nuts

1/30/2013 - Practice YW Slash Bag

1/31/2013 - Origami Sourdough and Yeast Water Panettone

1/31/2013 - Another Batch of kjknits English Muffins – 12.5 % Whole Wheat

2/1/2013 - Fun With Short Crust and Puff Paste

2/1/2013 - Phil’s Savory Pumpkin and Feta Pie

2/2/2013 - A Born Loser Tells a Tale of Too Many Two’s and the Evil Twin

2/3/2013 - Superbowl Pizza – Great Pizza For a Lights Out, No longer a Blow Out Game

2/3/2013 - It's Been Exactly a Year Since Our First TFL Post - The Index

2/5/2013 - Multigrain SD/YW Brown Bread with Aromatic Seeds and Multi-Grain Scald

2/7/2013 - Big Combo Levain Whole Wheat Bread with Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds

2/11/2013 - Not So Pink Valentine Vienna Chocolate Rose

2/13/2013 - Sourdough Pink Valentine Hamburger Buns

2/15/2013 - Yeast Water Cinnamon Rolls

2/18/2013 - Multigrain SD Altamura - Not The Priest's Hat

2/21/2013 - Banana Bread

2/26/2013 - Old Dough VS Levain Multigrain SD With Bulgar and Flax Seed Scald

2/28/2013 - 100 % Whole Grain Rye and Spelt YW SD with Scald and Seeds - The Altus Test

3/5/2013 - SD YW Durum, Ricotta Bread with Pistachio Nuts, Pumpkin & Millet Seeds

3/12/2013 -

3/13/2013 - SD YW multi-grain Bagels

3/17/2013 - Enchanted Irish Lemon Curd Fairy Cakes

3/18/2013 - St. Paddy’s Day Feast, Sort of Ballymaloe 100% WW Brown Bread and Irish Ruben’s

3/20/2013 - If Ballymaloe Baked Sourdough Brown Bread with WW Scald & Guinness in a DO

3/23/2013 - WW SD YW Multi-Grain Pumpernickel

3/25/2013 - 50% Whole Wheat Matzoh

3/30/2013 - Hot Cross Buns - 25 % Whole Grain

3/31/2013 - Poolish & Y W Chocolate Walnut Easter Babka with Streusel & Snockered Fruits

4/2/2013 - 100 Percent Whole Multi-Grain Aroma Bread with 2 Soakers & 11 Seeds

4/4/2013 - Whole Grain DaPumpernickel Aroma Bread

4/8/2013 - Two Way 75% White Bread - DaPumperized with Scald and Seeds

4/12/2013 - Italian Tang Zhong, Fig, Hazelnut & Ricotta Cheese Sourdough Chacons

4/14/2013 - Dinner for 2 from the Pots

4/19/2013 - Fig Water, Multigrain, Apricot, Walnut, Whole Wheat Sprouter

4/24/2013 - Tang Zhong, Ricotta, Scalded Multigrain with and without, Cranberries & Pecans

4/30/2013 - They Call Me Mellow Yellow

5/3/.2013 - I Got the No White Bread Blues

5/5/2013 - Happy Cinco de Mayo - Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

5/7/2013 - Lucy's Jewish Deli Rye - Take 1

5/15/2013 - Dark Russian Jewish Deli Rye with Porter, Onion, Sprouts and Aromatic Seeds.

5/16/2013 - Whole Wheat and Spelt Sourdough with Sprouts and Seeds

 5/17/2013 - Friday Pizza Night

5/21/2013 - SD and YW Emperor Franz Joseph Buns with Same Dough Challah

5/24/2013 - Multigrain SD with Japanese Black Rice, Seeds, Prunes & Dried Edamame

5/24/2013 - YW & Poolish Hot Dog Buns

5/30/2013 - Ezekiel's Chacon

6/6/2013 - Multigrain Sourdough with Scald, Seeds and 3 Nuts

6/10/2013 - White Hamburger Buns Turned Dark

6/14/2013 - Multigrain Combo Levain with Seeds & Sprouts

6/18/2013 - It all started out simple enough

6/21/2013 - Everyday Multigrain Sourdough with Scald

6/25/2013 - Yeast Water, Tang Zhong Hot Dog Buns

6/28/2013 - Buttermilk and Greek Yogurt Multigrain SD with Seeds and Sprouts

7/5/2013 - Snails with Tails

7/8/2013 - Yeast Water and ADY Hot Dog Buns

7/12/2013 - Multigrain Caramelized Pickled Veggies, Parmesan, Flax & Sesame Seeds, Barley Boil & Toadish Sourdough

7/19/2013 - Whole Multigrain Sourdough Loaf

7/21/2013 - Saturday Night Pizza

7/26/2013 - 75% Extraction Mulit-grain Sourdough

8/2/2013 - Prince George's Chacon

8/9/2013 - Sourdough Tzitzel

8/12/2013 - Yeast Water 70% Whole Grain English Muffins

8/14/2013 - 100 % Whole Multi Grain, Yeast Water & Sourdough Bagels

8/16/2013 - 99.89% Whole Grain Sesame & Flax Seed Sourdough with Whey

8/22/2013 - Too Fast - Poolish Cream Butter Buns

8/23/2013 - Multi-grain Sourdough with Figs, Walnuts, Whey and 4 Seeds

8/26/2013 - Lucy’s Fruit Stupid - Nutella, Peach, Plum and Plantain Pizza and No Fruit Bagels

8/28/2013 - Lucy’s Take on Cleo’s and Ian’s Hamburger Buns

8/30/2013 - Multigrain Sourdough with Sesame and Flax Seeds Toadies and Malts

8/31/2013 - Three Levain Friday Night Pizza Night - With a Surpise Ending

9/4/2013 - Happy Rosh Hashanah – A Holiday Challah

9/6/2013 - Tzitzel – Take 3 with Triple Levain

9/6/2013 - For those who wanted "Aunt Beverly’s Sweet and Hot Brisket'

9/7/2013 - Meat Week

9/11/2013 - Yeast Water 35% Whole Wheat Hamburger Thins and HD Buns

9/13/2013 - Pistachio, Prune and Pumpkin Seed Multigrain Sourdough with Malty Toads

9/20/2013 - Hanseata Multigrain SD YW and Sunflower Seed Challenge Bread

9/27/2013 - The 100% Whole Grain, Multigrain - Mashed by Melon Test - 3 Ways

10/4/2013 - Whole Multigrain SD Bread with Scald, Seeds and More Aromatic Seeds

10/7/2013 - Multigrain Old Sourdough Makes 2 Retarded Pizzas

10/11/2013 - B…..B….B…. Babka - the Yeast Water Way to Gugelhuph Land

10/11/2013 - Prunish Multigrain Sourdough with Scald and Seeds

10/14/2013 - Poolish Buns the Girls Actually Like and Smoked Brisket Sandwiches

10/17/2013 - Mice Guarding the Punkin

10/18/2013 - 20% Whole Grain 9 Grain Sourdough

10/18/2013 - Pumpkin Nutella Swirl Bars

10/25/2013 - Lucy is Runner Up with Her Mice Guarding the Pumpkin Entry

10/25/2013 - Same Dough Two Ways with a Pizza Crust Later

10/27/2013 - Saturday Night 6 P’s SD Focaccia Romana Pizza

10/29/2013 - YW Primer

11/1/2013 - Owlloween White Buns made with a Poolish & SD Levain

11/1/2013 - 38 % Whole Grain Multi Grain SD with Sprouts, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

11/6/2013 - What is the Best Thing You Can Put On Pumpernickel?

11/9/2013 - 15 % Whole Grain SD and YW Orange, Cranberry Walnut Bread

11/15/2013 - Almost Twin White Breads - One YW / SD and One SD

11/15/2013 - YW & SD 50% Rye with Scald, Onions & Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

11/17/2013 - Lucy’s YW White Bread for Thanksgiving Croutons

11/22/2013 - Mini's 100% Hydration Rye, Walnut and Seed Bread with Soaker Water & Dopplebock

11/22/2013 - CeciC’s Crackers with Added Yeast Water.

11/25/2013 - Two Thanksgiving Pies and the Blog Index

11/30/2013 - Josh’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Stollen

12/6/2013 - Big Levain Multigrain Sourdough with Figs, Seeds, Potato & Poolish

12/7/2023 - Sinclair’s Bakery Potato Rolls - Made With Poolish

12/12/2013 - Half Whole Multi-Grain Sourdough with Fax & Sesame Seeds

12/12/2013 - Christmas Chocolate Chunk Cherry Chacon

12/12/2013 - Holiday Puff Paste Heath Bar and Chocolate Chip Rugelach

12/17/2013 - Not So Stollen – Christmas 2013

12/19/2013 - 3 Christmas Fruit Cakes - One For Everyone

12/21/2013 - Friday Night SD YW Pretty Plain Pizza

12/22/2013 - Panettone Forced English Muffins

12/23/2013 - White SD YW Bread with Walnuts for Christmas Turkey Stuffing

12/25/2013 - Christmas Fruit Cake – SD YW Gold Rush Take 2

12/26/2013 - Arizona Christmas Tree and Blog Index


2012 The Fresh Loaf Dabrownman’s Blog


2/3/2012 - My first bread after joining TFL - DSnyder's San Joaquin

2/3/2012 - Brachflachen Mehrere Vollkombrot

2/3/2012 - Loaded Pizza

2/3/2012 - Pierre Nury meets DSnyders SFSD

2/3/2012 - Putting the Rye in Pierre Nury's rustic Light Rye

2/3/2012 - Too Many Red Pears and Blueberries

2/3/2012 - Make your own Greek yogurt

2/4/2012 - Minneola / Apple Yeast Water Semolina Bread

2/4/2012 - Raspberry SD Pancakes

2/4/2012- 1930's Magnalite Wagner Ware Roaster Used As Cloche for Multi-grain SD Challah

2/5/2014 - Sourdough English Muffins

2/5/2012 - Southwest Hummus Anyone?

2/5/2012 - I have some miscellaneous baking and foodie

2/7/2012 - Brachflachen Mehrere Vollkombrot - Version 4

2/7/2012 - Baked off PiPs (Phil's) new post on 40% Sourdough Rye w/ Caraway today

2/9/2012 - The Chellos - that don't play music.

2/9/2012 - PiP's 40% Rye w/ Caraway Meets Hanseata's Seeds and a Restless dabrownman

2/9/2012 - Whole Wheat Crusted Apple Caramel Galette w/ fresh ginger and assorted bourbon dried fruits.

2/9/2012 - Blueberry SD pancakes this time,

2/10/2012 - How to Make Yogurt - 'So Your Muffins Taste Betta'

2/10/2012 - isand66's SD Avocado Bread Meets Its Sunflower Seeded Guacamole Heart

2/11/2012- I Confess My Deepest Darkest Baking Secret

2/13/2012 - isand66's Bacon, SD, Potato, Onion with Cheddar Bread Meets Pork Jowls, Aged White Cheddar, Potato Flakes and Caramelized Onion

2/13/2012 - Shiao-Ping's Orange Turmeric Pain au Levain with Yeast Water

2/14/2012 - Happy Valentine Cupcakes w/ Strawberry Hearts

2/16/2012 - PiPs Walnut and Sage 100% Whole Wheat.

2/17/2012 - Let's Make Some Fresh Cheese

2/17/2012 - Birthday Chocolate Crusted Orange Cheese Cake with Ganache, Truffles and Chocolate Shavings

2/18/2012 - David Snyders' SD Pugliesi Capriccioso With Some WW and Rye

2/22/2012 - teketeke's Japanese Yeast Water White Sandwich Bread - 'This Bread Is Not Your Slimy Old White Slice'

2/23/2012 - Pips Vollkornbrot - Nearly 100% Rye with A Tiny Bit of Spelt

2/24/2012 - teketeke Bread

2/27/2012 - Rustique Pain Comté de San Francisco

3/1/2012 - Chad Robertson's Country SD - Modified

3/1/2012 - I've been working on a new home made Gas Regeneration BBQ /Smoker

3/3/2012 - Miscellaneous stuff at the end of the week

3/5/2012 - Pain Rustique au Levain du Sud-ouest

3/6/2012 - Pain Rustique au Levain du Sud-ouest - Retarded

3/7/2012 - Yeast Water, Rye, WW, Garlic Chive, Onion, Cheese and Chorizo Bialy’s

3/12/2012 - Tartine Everyday Rustic Country Sourdough

3/14/2012 - St Paddy's Day Dutch Oven Sourdough - Tartine Method

3/14/2012 - Corned Beef and Cabbage - 2 ways - possibly more

3/15/2012 - Just look at the pictures my new old camera takes!!

3/17/2012 - Yeast Water, Glazed, Spiced, Walnut, Bourbon Fruit, Chocolate Chip, Almond Granola Streusel Polish Babka

3/23/2012 - Making Red Rye Malt

3/24/2012 - Gingered, Tres Apple, Almond, Vanilla Granola Crisp with Bourbon Dried Fruit

3/29/2012 - A Blend of Seigle d’Auvergne and Borodinski

3/29/2012 - Jam and Bread Crust and Crumb Color

3/31/2012 - Revising isand66's Bacon, Potato, Onion with Cheddar Sourdough Bread

4/1/2012 - Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Sweetbird Buckwheat Apple SD Bake with Buckwheat SD Pancakes Today

4/2/2012 - Dabrownman Butchers Sweetbird’s Lovely Buckwheat, Apple and Apple Cider, Buckwheat Groat Bread with Insane Thoughts and Deeds

4/9/2012 - Super-grain Challah w/ Whey Water, Sprouts, Potato, Lentil, Sunflower Seeds and 2 Starters - SD and YW

4/10/2012 - Retarded Super-Grain Challah

4/14/2012 - Lemon Curd and Cream Cheese Puff Paste

4/14/2012 - Italian Corner - Cellos with Squash Lasagna and David Snyder's Pulgliese Capriosso

4/15/2012 - 20% Rye and WWW Potato SD Baggies Meet the Same Made with YW

4/15/2012 - Weekday Springtime Yeast Water Breakfast at Dabrownman's

4/17/2012 - Apple and Pear, Bourbon Dried Fruit, Ginger with Apple Jam Cream Cheese Puff Sleds

4/19/2012 - Sweetbird's Apple, Buckwheat with Groats, Insanely Modified, Makes for a Fine Toast or Lunch

4/20/2012 - SD Hemp Bags - txfarmer method with Hanseata's Seeds

4/20/2012 - Tired Monday's - YW 20% Whole Grain Bag Lunch

4/30/2012 - 50% Multigrain SD W/ Rye Scald, Rye Sprouts, Borodinski Altus and Pepitas, Caraway and Flax Seeds

5/2/2012 - Yeast Water Fake Pretzel Rolls

5/4/2012 - With Cinco de Mayo Yesterday - Hope You Had a Happy One! Cinco Sunset, Moon Rise and Dinner

5/8/2012 - Multi-grain SD w/ Multi Sprouts 2 Nuts and Seeds Somewhere

5/9/2012 - Yeast Water Hamburger Buns with Cinnamon Roll Same Dough Kicker

5/11/2012 - 1 - Day Multi-Grain Bread, Soft White Wheat, Spelt, Scald and Seeded with SD and YW Combo Starter

5/12/2012 - Banana Bread Cake

5/14/2012 - Mothers Day YW Apple, Pecan Buckwheat Pancakes with a Nice Chicken and Brie Sandwich for Lunch

5/15/2012 - Altamura Shaped Semolina Multi-Grain SD with Seeds and Sprouts

5/16/2012 - Having the daughter

5/18/2012 - Semolina, Rye, WWW Ciabatta w/ Chia Seeds, Herbs and Sun Dried Tomato

5/20/2012 - Apple Strawberry Ginger Crisp, Teriyaki and Lunch for Two

5/22/2012 - txfarmer's Croissant and Dainish Converted over to SD and YW - 3 Ways with Chia Seeds

5/24/2012 - Pretzel Roll P&J and Grilled Chicken Lunch with Pickles

5/25/2012 - Hanseata’s Wild Rice SD w/ Yeast Water, Multi Seeds, Prunes, Beer and Sprouts

5/26/2012 - Brown Plate Special with a Little Green, Brown Ale and Brown Bread

5/28/2012 - T-Rex Meets Floyd’s Sweet Potato Bread & Brownman’s SD & YW Combo Starter

5/29/2012 - Bread Baskets - A Serious Illness Revealed

5/31/2012 - Recent Breads for Lunch, Last Jacaranda Bloom and Desert

6/1/2012 - 40% Whole Multi-grain SD and YW Altamura Style Chacon

6/1/2012 - 24 Hours of Not Baking Bread

6/8/2012 - The SD / YW Chacon Revisited – 90% Whole Grain, Multigrain Sprouts, Walnut and Sage Paste, Pumpkin Seeds and Whey Water

6/9/2012 - Friday night P & P - Pizza and Pide

6/12/2012 - Let's Have Some Lunch and Other Stuff

6/15/2012 - Jasmine Tea, 50% Whole Multi-Grain SD & YW Durum Atta Bread with Wheat Germ, Flax and Chia Seeds

6/19/2012 - Buckwheat 60% Multi-grain YW / SD Bread with Walnuts, Sage, Flax, Wheat Germ, Apples, Prunes and Groats

6/21/2012 - Sourdough Durum Atta Bread – Pharaoh’s Mastaba Style

6/24/2-12 - Twisted Sisters Chacon : 67% Whole Rye & Wheat with Sprouts & Seeds.

6/28/2012 - Franko finally got to the top of the list

6/29/2012 - English Muffins - kjknits Converted to YW and SD Combo levain

6/29/2012 - Without Cheesecake For Desert - There May Be No Need for Bread

6/30/2012 - SD and YW Semolina Cheese Bread and Pizza with Sun Dried Tomato, Rosemary, Mojo de Ajo and Garlic

7/4/2012 - SD and YW Multigrain Bagels - The Stan Ginsberg Method

7/4/2012 - Catching up on some lunches and other stuff

7/4/2012 - Lunches and Other Stuff Continued - Happy Birthday America!

7/5/2012 - YW Naan with Paneer, Green Onion, Cilantro, Garam Masala and Garlic - Plus a Loaf - Added Lunch Shot

7/6/2012 - Joe Ortiz Pain de Champagne with Rye and WW Sprouts

7/10/2012 - Dinner in Houston

7/15/2012 - AZ Monsoon and Breakfast

7/17/2012 - Mocha Chocolate Chip Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

7/20/2012 - What To Eat With That Rustic French Country Sourdough Bread -Smoked Etouffee!

7/22/2012 - SD YW English Muffins - Some Fried As Donuts Per gmabaking With Apricot, Nectarine Ginger Glaze

7/24/2012 - Herbed Bialy's – Multigrain, Caramelized Onion, Chorizo and 4 Cheeses

7/27/2012 - 50% Rye SD Knotted Rolls With Wheat Germ, Barley Scald, Caraway and Sunflower Seeds

7/27/2012 - hanseata's Wild Rice Bread Revisited - 'The Wild One' - w/ Beer, Sprouts, Seeds and Prunes

7/30/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches and Other Stuff

8/5/2012 - YW vs Desem SD - Caramelized Onion, Basil, Bacon, Parmesan Rolls

8/7/2012 - 15% Whole Wheat Bagels with YW and SD Desem Combo Starter

8/11/2012 -YW / SD Olive Bread with Rosemary and Bulgar Scald

8/17/2012 - 100% Whole Grain Rye with Rye Sprouts – YW & SD Combo Starter

7/19/2012 - 25% Whole Wheat English Muffins Revisited - Over and Over Again - kjknits

8/22/2012 - Chacon Catastrophes Moka - Ian’s Mocha Disaster Chacon

8/24/2012 - Multi-Grain SD & YW Combo with Chicken Stock, Soaker & Seeds

8/27/2012 - 35% Whole Grain YW & SD Semolina, Durum Atta White Bread with Soaker

8/29/2012 - Rewind - YW & SD Semolina, Durum Atta, W. Germ, Malts & Honey - Deja Vue

9/2/2012 - Spelt, Rye and Whole Wheat Soudough Boule with Flax Seed, Honey and Malts - A Simple but Tasty Bread

9/5/2012 - 100% Hydration, 100% Whole Grain Kamut Flat Boule with YW and SD Combo Starter

9/7/2012 - Andy’s Roasted Brazil Nut and Prune Bread - Sourdough Variation with WW Scald

9/9/2012 - 8 Hour SD YW Saturday Night Pizza and Friday Shrimp Kabobs

9/14/2012 - 100% Whole Spelt Sourdough at 100% Hydration

9/15/2012 - Happy Rosh Hashanah!

9/20/2012 - 17% Whole Multi-Grain SD / YW Bagels – The Stan Ginsberg Method

9/21/2012 - 57% Whole Grain Multi-grain SD with 20% Seeds and Whey

9/25/2012 -15% Multi-grain Bread With YW and SD Combo Levain

9/28/2012 - 15% WWW Fat Bag with Desem SD Starter ala Ian and Phil

9/28/2012 - English Muffins- YW and SD Levains - 16% Whole Wheat

9/28/2012 - Banana Nut Bread with Seeds, Chocolate and Bourbon Dried Fruits

10/2/2012 - Judy's 45 % Whole Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread

10/6/2012 - 16 % Whole Multi-grain SD Baguettes – txfarmer’s Method only 40 Hours

10/9/2012 - Name Change - Gussied Up Franz Joseph's Emperor Rolls With Seeds

10/13/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches and Other Stuff - Partola Uno

10/14/2012 - Parade de sandwichs et d'autres choses - partie 2

10/14/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches Continues - Part 3

10/15/2012 - Desfile de Sandwiches - Parte 4

10/15/2012 - Parade der Sandwiches - Teil 5

10/17/2012 - World Bread Day - SD Multigrain with Figs, Anise, Pistachios and Sprouts

10/18/2012 - Pierre Nury's Rustic Light Rye with Whole Grain Multi-grain YW / SD Levains and Coffee

10/24/2012 -Tuesday Pizza Night - Crust 3 Ways with 25% Whole Grains

10/25/2012 - San Franciso Sourdough - 15% Whole Grain

10/27/2012 - Extended - SD Starter Experiment - 24 hour Countertop SFSD and a Seeded, Fig and Pistacio

10/30/2012 - Two DO Chacons Couldn’t Be Any Different

11/2/2012 - Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week one

11/2/2012 - Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week Two

11/2/2012 - 26% Whole Grain YW / SD Bagels with Sprouts

11/5/2012 - 24 hour 10% Whole Grain SFSD & SD Seeded Fig Bread with Pistachios - 1 g of Starter - No Levain

11/9/2012 - 60% Whole Grain SD / YW Bread With Caraway, Rye Chops, Coffee and Cocoa

11/9/2012 - Prune & Brazil Nut Sourdough with Bulgar Scald, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds

11/14/2012 - Not So Stollen

11/16/2012 - Thanksgiving Multi-Grain Marble Chacon

11/20/2012 - SD Stuffing Bread

11/21/2012 - Poolish Stuffing Bread

11/23/2012 - Not So Stollen - Thanksgiving Take

11/23/2012 - Daughter Does French Slap and Folds for Her Poolish Thanksgiving Rolls

11/27/2012 - A Chacon for Eric

12/7/2012 - 75% Whole Grain YW / SD Caramelized Onion, Wild Rice, Sprouts & Baltika Porter Bread

12/14/2012 - Multigrain SD / YW Porter Bread with Roasted Onions, Sprouts, Malts and Seeds

12/17/2012 - Puff Paste Experiments

12/18/2012 - Puffy So Not Rugelach

12/21/2012 - Christmas Sourdough Chacon - Figs, Pistachios and Seeds

12/25/2012 - Christmas Bi-Color Rose - 30% Whole Grain, Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato

12/25/2012 - Not So Stollen - 6 Weeks later

12/29/2012 - 25% Whole Grain Multi-grain Bagels


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Our half pie / half crisp Apple New Year's Pie is made with a short crust bottom and a crisp top made with 1/3 C each almond granola, oats, sugar, flour and 4 T butter with some salt and pumpkin pie spices about 1/8th tsp each..


The inside has two different kinds of Honey Crisp and some Granny Smith apples.  How they get Honey Crisp apples to be so big and so small is beyond genetic engineering but they are by far the best apples for pie bar none.

Still we like to have at least two different kinds of apples in the filling along with some fresh lemon juice and 11 tap fresh minced ginger, 2/3 C total of white and brown sugar, 3/4 C total of snockered cranberries and raisins soaked in 2 T of bourbon and brandy with, 1 T corn starch and 1/8 tsp salt and pumpkin pie spices.


We par cook the filling to get the caramel going  and to get the apples pre softened since you cannot bake this at a high temperature or the crisp topping will burn.  It is baked at 375 F for 20 minutes, to set the bottom crust and then 30 minutes at 350 F trying not to burn the top but still get the middle bubbling through the topping at the edges.  This might be the best apple pie I have ever tasted.

The 2nd pie is our Saturday Pizza made with a double 12 hour preferments made from our cherry yeast water and a poolish with a pinch of yeast.   We used KA bread flour some slap and folds followed by stretch and folds where we incorporated the rosemary garlic and sun dried tomatoes into the dough.

After an hour on the bench to bulk ferment a final stretch and fold was done and the dough retarded for 6 hours  It warmed up on the counter for 2 and half hours before being formed into 2 large pizza pies.  The crust was brushed wih mojo de ajo before the red sauce went on, pepperoni, Mozzarella, 2 home made pork sausages, Italian and chorizo and 1 store bought chicken Italian sausage.

It was then topped of will yellow and red peppers crimini and button mushrooms, red and green onions, Parmesan and Pecorino cheeses.  Forgot the olives and fresh basil again.  The pies were baked at 550 F on a stone in Big Old Betsy.  This crust was very crisp, tasty and the pizza terrific.

Pizza Formula 

Pinch of Yeast PoolishBuild 1Total%
KA Flour11811833.71%
Cherry YW & Water11811833.71%
Levain Totals % 
Multigrain Whole Flour11833.71% 
Levain Hydration100.00%  
Levain % of Total Flour 25.21%  
Dough Flour % 
KA Flour350100.00% 
Total Dough Flour350100.00% 
Dough Hydration61.71%  
Total Flour w/ Starter468  
Water w/ Starter334  
Hydration with Starter 71.37%  
Total Weight811  
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This is my first post ever, though I have been consulting the site for quite a while now. So hi, everybody, I'm glad to be here and hope to be a part of this awesome baking community!

This is a sourdough loaf with whole grain wheat, rye and oat flour, with chocolate and cranberries.

70% hidration; 50% wheat, 25% rye, 25% oats. For about 400 grams of dough, I used 40 grams of mexican chocolate from Oaxaca (it's mostly used for making hot chocolate beverage, it has cinammon and a more crumbly texture which I love; I also make pain au chocolat with it and its great); and 30 gr. of dehidrated cranberries. 

I keep a whole wheat 100% hidration starter, I took 40 gr. and added 40 gr. of rye flour and 40 gr. of water and lef at room temperature for about 6 hours. Then I mixed in the preferment with the rest of the flour, salt and water, kneaded for about 5 minutes and let rest for 30 min. Then I made 4 strech and folds at 30 minute intervals, added the chocolate and cranberries before the second S&F, After the fourth S&F I let it sit about an hour, then shaped and retarded proofing overnight and baked in a dutch oven this morning.

The flavor is great, although I would have like a more open crumb. I might substitute part of the WW for bread flour next time; and perhaps I'll be more generous with the chocolate and cranberries too.

All in all, it was a good experiment and I'll definitively try again, maybe adjusting a few things. Any suggestions?

Happy baking! I'ts nice to finally share something here.

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I have always been interested in baking but I do not own an oven at home. Occasionally, I would borrow my neighbour's small oven to bake small cakes like cupcakes, muffins and etc. However, I'm more interested in baking bread than cake, most probably because I prefer eating bread over cake. Without a proper oven, no matter how much I wanted to try and get started on bread baking, I guess it was quite impossible. Besides, I barely had time back then to bake often so buying an oven to place in my space constrained kitchen didn't seem like such a good investment. I cannot remember how many years back, I came across this Japanese anime Yakitate Japan! and watched the series together with my brother. I definitely saw the rice cooker bread episode and probably had the urge to make it but I ended up not making it anyway, as to the reason why, I couldn't remember...

 Fast forward a few years and here I am, once again, rewatching this series and have decided to give this rice cooker bread a shot.


I followed the recipe on wikihow ( as I do not own a weighing scale so it was easier for me to measure the ingredients by cup/teaspoon/tablespoon/cc. As for the procedure, I followed both wikihow and the video: for details I turn to wikihow while my progress I monitor it with the video (eg. how my dough should look like after kneading). Since I am completely new to the world of bread baking, I've paid really really close attention to the video, watching and rewatching the steps countless times.

For a bigger and clearer version of the picture click here


2.5 cups of Bread Flour (I used Waitrose's Canadian & Very Strong White Bread Flour)

1.25 tsp of baker's dry yeast

1.5 tbsp of white sugar

1.5 tsp of salt

1.5 tbsp of unsalted butter

35cc of full cream milk

180cc of water


Using the recipe as stated above, these are the steps that I took.

Step 1: Proof the dry yeast in 0.25 cup of warm water (this amount of water I used was part of the 180cc of water) and a pinch of sugar (which the sugar was also used from part of the 1.5 tbsp of white sugar). Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Mix the dry ingredients together in the rice cooker pot, namely the flour, sugar and salt. Then add the milk, water and yeast mixture. I kneaded with my hand for 10 minutes until the dough was not wet and gooey anymore such that it doesn't stick to my pot.

Step 3: Add the small (and softened, not melted) butter in the middle of the dough and knead it inside the pot. By doing so, you are greasing the insides of the pot as well. Knead until there are no more lumps of butter.

Step 4: Shape the dough into a round ball and let it sit in the center of the pot and left it to sit for 60 minutes. (Instructions were to leave it at room temperature for 60 minutes until the dough doubles in size but my country, Singapore, has a really hot climate so I'm not exactly sure if it's room temperature if I just left it on my kitchen counter.)

Step 5: Lift the dough gently and drop it from an approximate height of 50cm. Repeat this until the dough goes back to its original size. Let it sit in the center of the pot again for 60 minutes. (Second and final rise)

Step 6: After the final rise, directly place the pot into the rice cooker and press cook using the white rice option. (My rice cooker model is Zojirushi  NS-WAQ10.) Keep warm for 10 minutes. (My rice cooker does not allow me to press the cook function again immediately which why I left it in the keep warm mode for 10 mins. If your rice cooker allows you to press cook immediately after, I guess you could just skip the keep warm parts.) Press cook again.

Step 7: Take the pot out to cool for 5 minutes. Flip the bread onto the other side. Put it back in to the rice cooker and press cook for the third time. Keep warm for 10 minutes. Press cook again. And then it's done!

For a bigger and clearer version of the picture click here.

[Note: the number of times you need to "cook" your bread varies from rice cooker to rice cooker. My bread did not turn out as brown as the one in the video but it turned out soft and fluffy enough for me and my family.]


One problem I have encountered with the bread was that there was the smell of yeast after it's completed although there's no taste of it. After doing some research online, it was either I added too much yeast or I left it out for too long to ferment. Then, I went to search for the Baker's Math post that I recalled reading here on the Fresh Loaf, according to the ratio in that post, I am using too much yeast for the amount of flour I am using. I will probably be baking again tomorrow, gonna try out the recipe again but with lesser amount of yeast. For anyone who happen to come across this post, maybe you could share with me some pointers. Also, to others who wanna give this bread a try, have fun!


Note to self: I will remember to take the photos in landscape mode the next time. Hahaha!

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So for Saturday's bread I decided to play with the ol' sourdough formula and to add some dried onion flake and poppy seeds. I had considered using fresh onions and caramelizing them but with a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old calling the shots at home I'm often forced to juggle the kids and the cooking at the same time so the onion flakes seemed like a suitable solution and I figured they might help keep the dough manageable by absorbing some of the liquid. In this bake I kept the levain at 100% whole wheat (organic) and the dough flour at 100% central milling artesian bread flour (organic). 


80 g h20

80 g whole wheat flour

37 g starter 

The levain was left at room temperature until ripe, about 7 hours, it had nearly tripled in volume and was domed and bubbly


400 g bread flour

321 g  + 21 g h20

200 g levain

11 g salt

20 g dried onion flake

10 g poppy seed

The ripe levain was dissolved in the 321 g h20, the bread flour was added and mixed to a shaggy state and left to autolyze for 30 minutes before the salt, additional 21 g h20' dried onion flakes and poppy seeds were added and pinched in. The dough was then transferred to a clean bowl and 4 stretch and folds at 20 minutes followed by one more at 30 minutes and then left to bulk rise at room temp until ready for shaping, about 2 1/2 hrs (though I wasn't keeping as close a track of time as I was just watching the dough and dealing with the kids) The dough was then upended onto a floured dorado and pre-shaped by turning the edges up to the center, flipping the enough over, and then using the bench scraper to push the edges under in order to round up the loaf. 20 or so minutes of bench rest and I shaped Tartine style and placed in a rice flour / AP flour coated lined basket. Into a plastic bag and into the fridge it went overnight (12 hrs). The next morning I took it out, sprinkled cornmeal on the dough and it was turned out into a cast iron dutch at 450and baked covered for 20 minutes, the uncovered for 20 more.

All-in-all I'm happy with this bake the spring was good, crumb is fairly open and the crust is thin, cracked and crispy. The flavor has a nice degree of sour without being overpowering and the onion and poppyseed add a nice sweetness. I'll definitely be doing this one again.


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Challah from Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's book 'How to make Bread'. Thank you ElPanadero. Having loads of fun with this gift. 


Need to improve on my braiding but smells and tastes delicious. Trying not to eat it all in one go. 



250g/2 cups white strong bread flour (I used half and half white/wholemeal)

4g/3 quarters teaspoon salt

15g/1 tablespoon sugar

6g fresh yeast or 3g/1 teaspoon active dried yeast

80g/80ml/half a cup warm water

1 medium egg yolk

1 whole medium egg

20g/20ml/1 generous tablespoon sunflower oil (I used coconut oil)

1 medium egg, beaten with a pinch of salt, for the egg wash

Poppy or Sesame Seeds (I never had any so left it out)




1. In bowl mix flour, salt and sugar together (dry mixture) 

2. In another bowl weigh out yeast, add water and stir until the yeast had dissolved 

3. Lightly beat together the egg yolk and whole egg, then add to the yeast solution (wet mixture) 

4. Add dry mixture to the wet mixture 

5. Mix together with wooden spoon and then mix in the oil until well combined 

6. Cover the bowl and let stand for 10 mintues 

7. Knead 3x in total at 10 minutes intervals.

Kneading technique... Keeping dough in the bowl pull a portion of the dough up from the side and press it into the middle. Rotate the bowl slightly and repeat 8 times in total till you've completed one revolution around the dough. Should take seconds. The dough will begin to resist. 

8. After 3rd knead, cover the bowl and let rest for one hour

9. After one hour gently de-gas the dough and shape onto a baking tray

10. Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with poppy or sesame seeds

11. Let rise till slightly less than doubled, about 30-45 minutes 

12. About 20 minutes before, preheat oven to 240 celsius/475 farenheit/gas mark 9, fill a cup with water and set aside.

13. Place Challah in preheated oven, pour cup of water onto roasting pan and lower the temperature to 200 celsius/400 farenheit/gas mark 6

14. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown 

15. Check to see if Challah is done by tapping the bottom, it should sound hollow 


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A funny thing happened in the pastry chapter of Tartine No.3… 

Leafing through, like I sometimes do, admiring all of the wonderful looking treats, I settled on the Barley Walnut and Fig Cookies.  Now, I should say that I don’t, as a general rule, bake cookies or pastries.  If I bake them I eat them, and I try to avoid that as much as possible.  Having them in the house makes avoiding them… less possible.  So I get my occasional fix at one of the local bakeries and it all works out.  But I couldn’t stop staring at these Barley Walnut and Fig Cookies.  There isn’t even a photo of the finished cookie, I was fixated on the words alone.  Barley Walnut and Fig Cookies… Mmmmmm… Barley Walnut and Fig Cookies… Mmmmmm… Barley Walnut and Fig Cookies… Mmmmmmm…  The breaded part of my brain decided enough was enough.  It did this: Barley Walnut and Fig Cookies Bread.  Oh.  Yes.  Well, there it is then.

And here it is:  Barley Walnut and Fig Sourdough. 

The add-ins alone would make a fine breakfast.  It took considerable restraint not to grab a spoon and have at it.

The dough is a sticky mess, no way around that.  The refrigerated bulk ferment is key to developing structure without going insane – I would not volunteer to knead this one to full development.  Even stretch and folds were rather undignified.  I did one last fold after it had been refrigerated for an hour and then it finally felt like I was working with bread dough and not so much like cookie dough.  The intensity of this version was worth the trouble, but for something more “bready” the add-ins could be cut in half and still contribute.

The oven light has such a nice, warm glow I can't resist snapping photos. 


The crust turned dramatically dark from all of the fig sugars and the crumb has a nice purplish tint.

It wasn’t quite cool when I cut the first slice, but it didn’t matter.  This one is really, really yummy - perfect for breakfast.  You can keep the cookies.  I am home :)




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Anybody have a handy cheat sheet for calculating hydration when adding ingredients like pumpkin? The Internet is full of recipes for sweet pumpkin quick bread, and the last time I forgot to account for the water content in pumpkin puree I got soup, not bread. I had a hunch that TFL would come through, and sure enough, big thanks to Karin's post here:, and to Dan Lepard's original recipe.

I didn't use pumpkin seeds as I somehow never got around to toasting them. And, rather than whey, what I had hanging around is what I could politely call a pint of homebrewed English Bitter- but it was the first pint, so actually a yeasty delight better suited for bread than drinking- hence my version of the recipe:

500g KA All Purpose

250g Libby Pumpkin Puree

250g beer

10g salt

25g olive oil

1/4 tsp yeast

I mixed this around 10:30 PM and got up at around 6:30 to find it threatening to escape the bowl- as I said, a lot of yeast in that first pull- the added yeast may have been largely superfluous. Shaped into two loaves, proofed for an hour and they were ready to pull from the oven by the time I got back from dropping my daughter off at school. It appears my notes are sparse here, but I think 450 F for around 40 minutes total.

Pumpkin loaves shaped and risingPumpkin loaves fresh from the oven



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This is a batch of bread I baked and delivered for a regular client of mine. She is my first client outside of the market, and the only one thus far. The breads are: Olive levain, Whole Wheat multigrain, and Oatmeal bread, and 80% rye; all from Hamelman's book: (BREAD). My wife's shaping skills are improving fast! she shaped and scored some of the loaves depicted above. Can you tell? I've gotten her hooked now ;)

As to the 80% rye, i had an old rye bread in the freezer and used some of that in the soaker. The news here, is that I've used a cold soaker (non boiled water) instead of the usual scald. I'm pretty pleased with the crumb and overall flavor. I think I like a cold soaker for this type of bread.




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Wanted to make a Levain de Campagne but was low on flour and didn't have the correct amounts. So this is a 1:2:3 method with whole rye starter, white and wholemeal flour. 


Night Before:

10g starter + 45g water + 45g whole rye


Day Of:

Stir into pre-ferment 180g water then add 100g white flour and 200g wholemeal and form dough.

Rest for 40min

Add 6g salt and pour 20g water on top making sure to wet salt. Squeeze dough till salt incorporated. 

Rest for 20min

Proceed onto stretch and folds. I did letter folding method, in the bowl, 4 - 6 times 15min apart. 

Shape and final proof in Banneton. I left out for 30min then 3 hours in the fridge. If you wish, leave on counter top till doubled.

Score and bake in preheated oven.



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