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Best Organic European Flour

August 8, 2019 - 7:55am -- Adammac

Hi Guys, I own a small artisan (hate that much abused term) bakery in Ireland. Currently I source all my flour from Shipton Mill and Doves Farm in the UK but due to Brexit it seems that I will no longer be able to import goods from the UK. Currently I import around 15 tons of 12% white flour and a mix of malthouse, wholemeal, spelt, rye, ect. My only option is to import from mainland europe, France and the Netherlands would be most cost effective in terms of haulage. 

So I'm wondering if anyone here could recommend some good mills in western europe?


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Calculating dough to tin ratio?

August 8, 2019 - 4:34am -- lewisgmorris

Hi All,

I've recently bought a pullman loaf tin and i'm struggling to work out how much dough i need for it to fill just perfectly. I'm generally using a white flour recipe which i would expect 100% rise.

I read that you weigh water in the tin and divide the weight by 1.9 and that's your dough weight needed. But its not working for me. Its TOO MUCH dough. I know i could just reduce it next time, but I want to be able to apply it to any other tin I buy in the future.

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No formula really worth posting so I’ll just be sharing some recent food photos today.


30% sprouted spelt 20% durum 50% Red Fife wheat


10% each purple rice, sprouted spelt & sprouted rye ciabatta


Sweet & spicy shrimps and soft scrambled eggs with rava upma


Korean rice rolls with baby herrings


Pressure cooked rutabaga lamb shank stew


Chinese sausage & brussel sprouts risotto with baked grouper. Sounds weird but it's good


Farfalle with sugar snap peas in porcini mushroom cream sauce, and seared chicken thigh


Rutabaga biryani with egg drop mushroom curry


Vietnamese Pho (oxtail broth and all the fixings), peanut butter coconut curry with coconut toast, brussel sprouts and green beans in XO sauce, and sweet and sour salad (peppers, daikon radishes, cucumbers and fried shallots)


50% kamut egg yolk bread


Happy eating :)


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The Roadside Pi...

Day 1: 08/07/2019

10:00 A,M. Eastern Daylight Saving Time (GMT -4)

  1. I decided on the dried fruit I will be using. I had some dried dates on hand and I picked up a package of one ingredient, organically grown raisins. 
  2. using 120 Degree F. domestic hot water and a new sponge I washed the containers.
  3. The containers are left to air dry.

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I decided that I wanted to change things up a bit this week, after falling into a rut making the same bread every week for a while.  Looking back through some of my favorite breads from the past, I decided that I would bake a rye sourdough with a nod to PiP's 40% rye.


343g AP

254g Dark Rye (Bob's Red Mill)

38g WW (fresh milled, hard red spring)

120g mature levain (100% hydration, fed WW flour)

385g Water

13g Salt

I used my typical process for this bread.  Mix all but the salt until incorporated, then rest for 30 minutes.  Add salt, use pinch method to incorporate, slap/fold about 30x, rest 30 minutes.  Gentle stretch folds about 20x, rest 30 minutes.  Four gentle folds, rest 90 minutes.  Four gentle folds to help release the dough from the container, then pre-shape and rest for 15 minutes.  Final shaping (batard in this case), proof in a banneton for 75 minutes, then into the fridge for about 4 hours. (NOTE: all "resting" done at RT since it was pretty warm.)

Bake covered at 475F for 15 minutes, then uncovered for 20 minutes.

I was very happy with how this turned out, and I think my dough handling skills are getting better......I remember this same bread at same hydration really being a major pain the first time I made it! :)

Fresh out of the oven:

Crumb shot:

Kicking myself for not making some pastrami...... :)


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What is the proper hydration for Croissant? *NEWBIE*

August 7, 2019 - 1:35am -- Windy lim

Hi! Finally I embarked on this journey of baking Croissant.


I am using this recipe:


Active dried yeast: 2g

Water 155g

BF flour with 13% protein content 330g

Sugar 30g

Salt 4g

Butter 20g

Which is total of 46% Hydration


I followed the recipe to T. Except I up the hydration to 50%, but I find it hard to roll as my dough is tearing, to the point the butter is leaking out, hence I proceed to bake it so here is my first attempt


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