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sandwich bread

August 10, 2019 - 7:45am -- metropical

looking to attempt to replace a firm multigrain sandwich bread.

not for celiac reasons, more Grain Brain.

I have on hand:


sweet rice

brown rice





Looking for a suggestion/link to a recipe that uses these without too many other odd ingredients.
Or am I barking the wrong tree.?

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Does volume of risen starter effect rise of dough

August 10, 2019 - 6:32am -- liz larsen


Simple question -- Does the volume of the rise of starter effect rise of bread? I have tried to get my starter to triple (it used to) but no matter what I try (all different ratios/flours etc) it only doubles (or doubles and a half.) 

I saw a great video that says to use the starter once it's "tripled in size or more."  I want one of those high round loaves with open crumb. I am worried if  I use my starter I'm destined for failure.  Thoughts?

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With pureed chipotle with adobo sauce, a spicy loaf 😋I like the color!


The ground chorizo taste so good, but it makes an ugly looking crumb, kind of look like patches of some kind of brownish porridge that I failed to mix in lol next time I'll use a diced up dried chorizo instead.

Another failed double slash, too straight, too long...



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The Roadside Pi...

The Roadside Pie king method

Here you have it pie lovers the complete unabridged Pie King method. Enjoy!

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Sourdough Baguette

August 9, 2019 - 2:18am -- Lensi Pensi

I mostly make baguettes when I am baking. Inspired from the great community here I tried my hands on the sourdough baguette. 


The crumb was a bit tense but I think this is mostly due to the handling of the dough, it fermented pretty nice.


I started it with 30% sourdough that has been refreshed 16 h ago. I made it with 90% high gluten flour and 10% rye flour. Water temp was 30°C, starter temp 9°C. Everything else 25°V



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