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Adapting a sweet bun recipe to sourdough

April 14, 2019 - 7:35pm -- pdx_prof

Hello all, new member but longtime bread baker. I made a cinnamon-cardamon bun recipe from Epicurious today and it was a big hit ( 

The description of the recipe says that its an adaptation from a Parisian bakery where they use levain. The Epicurious recipe includes a slow proof (overnight in the fridge), I suspect to replace some of the flavor created by the levain.

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Salt Rising Bread

April 14, 2019 - 7:22pm -- Bread1965

I'm on the email list for Bread Magazine (probably like some others here) and this video link was part of this week's mailing. I hadn't heard of salt rising bread, but bought some very soft and tasty dinner rolls that were labelled "salt bread" while in the Caribbean this past year and loved it. I didn't know what it was at the time, but now assume it was something along the lines of what they talk about in the video. I think I'll give it at try one day.. I thought others would be interested. The recipe starts around 7 minutes and 30 seconds.


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I found this at the well known German bread blog “Plötzblog”. These are little buns with a high rye content common to Southern Tyrol. This is my translation of the German recipe:

Typical for this author he uses very precise measurements and specific temperatures.



Starter 16 g

Ryeflour (German type 997) 80g

Water 80 g @ 50°C

Salt 1.6 g


Let this rest for 12 -16 hours at room temperature.




Wheat flower (German type 550, similar to all purpose flour) 80g

Water 52 g @ 20°C, i.e. room temperature


Let this rest for 30 minutes.


Main dough:


Combine levain, the dough form the autolysis


Rye flour 232 g

Water 204 g @ 50°C

Liquid malt (inactive) 16 g — I used honey instead

Salt 7 g

Spices 2 - 4 g (fennel, anise, caraway, ….)

He also mentions Schabzigerklee , an herb that grows in this region but again something I can’t get my hands on, just for completeness sake.


Mix and let rest for 2.5 hours.


Spread dough on a well floured surface and separate dough pieces of 100g, shape into rounded pieces and place on parchment paper in pairs. Let sit for 60 minutes uncovered. The author specifically confirms the uncovered surface in one of his comments stating that it creates the desired rough surface.


Bake at 250°C for 20 minutes using steam.


I prepared this today, and as you may be able to see the result looks pretty good.


Try, if you like





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After David Snyder’s experiments with 40 hour retarded sourdough pan bread, Lucy thought she would try that out on the wife’s sandwich pan bread.  We didn’t know if the 11% sprouted flour used in the dough would somehow cause the dough to over ferment or over proof and not act like David’s with this one being 3% wetter as well.  But no worries, it turned out fine.


Lucy always gets a little antsy each year when it comes to the that we decide to do taxes, especially when it is later knowing we are going to pay a bunch.  Well, it is always better to have to pay a bunch rather than not having to pay at all – way better for sure …..and when the bread turns out nice then the world is on an even keel.

After the 40 hour retard

This one had another weird twist of process.  We wants to develop the gluten over the first hour using 3 sets of slap and folds and then extend the bulk on the counter for another 3 hours using 3 sets of stretch and folds.  But ,after mixing with the levain in the mix from the beginning and the salt sprinkled on top with 3% the water sprinkled on top of the salt, Lucy fall asleep for 3 hours which is a pretty short nap for her now a days.

Ready for the oven

So the plan had to change to 3 hours of sitting after mixing with the salt and a bit of water on top and then doing 2 sets of slap of folds of 50 and 25 slaps and 1 set of starch of folds from the compass points all on 20 minute intervals. So, then I was worries that Lucy’s nap would mess things up – but not…all ws well.  We shaped it and plopped into the bottom of Yippee’s tall Oriental Pullman pan.

We them put it onto a plastic grocery bag and into the fridge it went for exactly 4 hours and 5 minutes so Lucy could say she retarded her loaf 5 minutes longer than David did😊  She is like that sometimes making it a dog eat dog world from her point of view!  At least the bran levain was pretty standard.  12 g of NMNF whole rye stiff starter Pre-fermented flour was 13% using all the bran from the whole grains at 100% hydration.  It wasn’t retarded this time

He whole grains were equal amounts of wheat, rye and oats that totaled 24%.  The sprouted grains for the dough flour were spelt and Kamut in equal amounts at 12% total.  The rest of the dough flour was equal parts of LaFama AP and Safeway store brand Signature bread flour at 32% each - overall hydration was 78%.

When it came out of the fridge after the retard, it had risen right to the top of the rim on the middle so it needed another hour on the counter before firing up the oven for another hour at 500 F.  When it went into the oven it was 1 inch over the rim in the middle.  Then we realized we did’t have any steaming method ready.  So, we spritzed the top and threw a cup of water in the bottom of the oven as we closed the door. And turned the oven down to 450 F

10 minutes later we threw another cup of water in the bottom of the oven.  At the 20 minute mark, we  opened the oven to release the steam and turned the oven down to 425 F convection and continued baking for another 16 minutes until the middle was 205 F.  It rose enough to crease the top of the loaf on the rack above the level we baked it at.

It browned up well too.  We didn’t take it out of the pan for the last 8 minutes as usual so the sides and bottom weren’t as brown as usual but the wife likes the crust soft and this is the way to get it.  We also brushed the top with water twice after it came out to soften it too!  The taste of this bread is amazing even if the crumb is tighter than we thought it would be.

Mango salsa and Chicken tacos 


And Chicken tacos

It was still nicely open for a sandwich bread.  we didn’t taste it till 18 hours after it was baked so it had some time to redistribute the moisture and get sour.  The sour was very good and the tang was nice as well.  This is a fine tasting sprouted white SD bread – even the wife said she though ti was great and that is all that counts.  It slices as thin as you want it to too.

Bake day breakfast

Salmon Dinner with salad

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Edo Bread

These little sandwich loaves are are made with pretty similar amounts of bread, WW and rye flours. They are just right to slice lengthwise, stuff with goodies and then cut in half for two good size sandwiches. Baking these pretty regularly lately.

Once the garden starts producing will be even more enjoyable stuff with fresh veggies.


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