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Consistently good results.

February 16, 2019 - 7:35am -- estherc

After struggling for a few years, good results sometimes, mediocre at others I've found a formula that works for me. I'm at 7,000 ft so that may be the secret of my success or not. 

I realized I was overkneading and over fermenting. I cut my kneading back to 3 minutes in the KitchenAide so the dough is no where near smooth when I stop. A few stretch and folds while fermenting. I allow it to ferment to only 50% increase. Overnight in the fridge and bake first thing in the morning in combo pots. 


My recipe is 70% hydration with 200gm of 1:1 starter. 

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Is there that much difference between Spiral Mixer and Planetary Mixer

February 16, 2019 - 5:55am -- CUISINED

for mixing bread dough?

or::me buying Haussler Alpha will do my dough much better results?

currently I'm using an 2008 KitchenAid mixer, Artisan KSM150. it's beginning to be too small for my current dough mixes and I feel like upgrading. I understand from the web that this is quite highly recommended mixer and I can't tell by those reviews if that's true or there's other stuff not talked about on those forums and web videos.

I've seen a TFL post that stated that the Alpha had or still have electric problems. Can you confirm this or the other?

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My first diagnose request

February 16, 2019 - 1:50am -- SoulDreamer

Here we go, my first request for a diagnose. 


I’ve been sour-dough baking for only two months. I want to keep it simple in the beginning, so I am sticking to the standard Tartine recipe that I’ve seen on forums and YouTube.


Starter: 100% hydration fine whole rye flour. 


Levain: 10g starter, 50g fine whole rye, 50g bread flour (13% protein), 100g water. 


Dough: 210g levain, 450g bread flour (13% protein), 50g whole-wheat, 350+25g water, 11g salt. 


Bakers %: 


82.6% wheat

9.1% Rye

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Chewier sourdough bread

February 15, 2019 - 11:00pm -- Bread doc

I have been baking with a sourdough starter that I like a lot.  I mix it up in the evening, let it overnight in the oven (with a pilot light, lucky me!) and then mix it up in the morning.  (Ankarsrum mixer, lucky me again) I rise it the second and third times in the oven too,  and it takes about 90 minutes each time. Taste is great, but I would like it a little chewier.  Would slower rising help make it chewier?

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Please help with Tartine Style Loaf

February 15, 2019 - 9:04pm -- josh.m



In years past I baked the basic country loaf recipe out of Tartine Bread with great success many times. After about five years, I'm back at it in a new home and haven't had much success in my first few tries. The loaves haven't had great spring and I'm not sure what's going on. Perhaps the leaven? I feed it twice a day, one spoonful of leaven, 50g AP flour, 50g room temp water. This was my latest attempt:


PM 1 mix leaven: 1 TBS, 200g AP flour 200g 80 degree water

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What should I bake?

February 15, 2019 - 4:12pm -- Valdus

I want to bake something with the goal of immense oven spring. Here are some things I want to focus on:

  • focus on oven spring, so lots o steam but any recipe would be good for that. 
  • I am very curious about the 1-2-3 ratio method. But I am not sure of the measurements. I did one that started with 60g of starter and that thing was barely a bun. 
  • I am fascinated by the slap and fold method, and would like to try that out as well. 

Suggestions for a simple sourdough recipe?

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Less steam vs more steam in bread baking - Real world results?

February 15, 2019 - 3:41pm -- CUISINED

No steam vs. little steam vs. moderate steam vs. heavy steam?

What would it look like in the real world?


Baking Baguettes at 180c vs 240c vs 260c?

I know that releasing steam right after the initial O.Spring has finished is crucial for browning and 'crusting'

Theoretically what will happen if I keep the steam going longer? (any side effects?)



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cinnamon roll failure

February 15, 2019 - 1:26pm -- bigal80ak

Hi I am a very novice baker. But I have been getting in to trying to make cinnamon rolls and soft pretzels. I like using a whole grain flour and currently use king Arthur white whole wheat as its the beast available. although I find oat flour works and tastes the best for none yeast products but it would not rise due to no gluten correct?

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Their first egg was eaten by ravens and their 2nd one was eaten by a ring tail but hopefully they will pay more attention to their eggs from now on!  They are beautiful Bbids to watch.


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