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Inspired by Benny and others, I tried my hand at decorative scoring - nothing elaborate, just a wheat stalk. Here are the loaf details:

  • 50% Bread Flour
  • 50% Whole Wheat Flour
  • 85% Hydration
  • 2% salt
  • 16% Levain (100% hydration)

The levain build was about 4 hours (@76F). Autolyse flour and water for 2 hours. Mix levain with autolysed dough, and slap & fold for about 5 minutes, then fold in the salt and bulk ferment @ 76F for about 4 hours, giving 5 sets of stretch & folds at 30 minute intervals. Divide, pre-shape, rest 20 minutes, then final shape and refrigerate 12 hours. Score and bake straight from the fridge at 500F 20 minutes, then without steam 10 minutes more at 500F. Lower oven to 450F and bake another 20 minutes or so until you like the color. 

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Tip - Baguettes - a mindset when shaping

July 5, 2020 - 6:39am -- DanAyo

Being relatively new to all things baguettes, my struggles to succeed have taught me a few lessons. They are passed along with the hope that it may be of value to others. As is true of all “Tips -“, they are worthy of consideration, but not to be considered the “ultimate way” but only a “possible way”. If you queried every single baker in the world, no 2 of them would agree on all opinions and probably debate most of them.

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understanding feeding ratios and timings - what are the principles of a starter's growth?

July 5, 2020 - 6:33am -- Spikes

Dear all,

I've been reading up to try and understand the behavior of my starter, but I'm still largely confused, especially given the large number of different feeding routines and ratios.

So if you can, please indulge me in this story for a second and point out what I'm missing/got wrong.

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Heres attempt 2 at the croissant/ canele that, should it eventually work out - well you saw it here first ;)

Since last week where I spontaneously decided to stuff some canele molds with left-over croissant lam, I realized there might be something interesting here.  So this week I decided to do a true blend of canele batter and the dough.  What I had hoped would happen is the batter would encase the dough and sort of creep up the sides of the mold in a capillary fashion.  Instead it (the batter) just kind of settled ultimately creating a canele cap.  You can see this in the pics.  

Another goal this time was to do more of a koign  Amman style dough (hence the upside down photo showing the coin effect) whereby I heavily sugared the roll of dough.  This is due to the fact that last week as I bit into the first creations I just felt this needs to be sweeter.  That part worked. The flavor is much better than attempt number 1.

Not sure if I want to continue pursuing this but will give it some thought and see what might evolve.  

Any thoughts fellow tfl'ers ? 




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Dutch Oven Question

July 4, 2020 - 1:51pm -- Capyboppy

Greetings all.

I see a lot of recipes that use a Dutch oven or similar cast iron receptacle. I can barely lift an aluminium tin due to health issues so wondered if there is an alternative that I could use to a Dutch/cast iron pan that doesn't compromise the properties they have in regards to bread making?

Connected to this question is: do they really need to be heated up for an hour in advance of using? Why is this compared to other cooking vessels that don't need as long.


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