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dough?? i need help

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carolina rocha

dough?? i need help

how long does dough last refridgerated whole wheat??  rye?? and sourdough?? i wanst to bake it fresh daily

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I've not done this much, but I made a large batch of dough (Lithuanian Challah from Maggie Glezer's Blessing of Bread) with 5 lbs of flour.  It made 9 loaves of challah.  I baked 8, and put the dough for the final loaf in the fridge, planning to use it for the Onion Pletzel's in her book that use the same dough.  I got busy and didn't bake it all week.  A week later, I used that dough to bake rolls, and they came out great.

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Sounds as if you're a candidate for Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  That dough stays in the refrigerator for up to a week.

The concept is to mix the dough then stash it in the cooler, cutting off a hunk for your daily bake.

If you do a search of TFL you'll find lots of info on the book and bread, as well as an interview with the authors.

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rotate in the frezer

once shaped place it in plastic and frezz

take from the frez and go to the fridg over night

then proof and bake

frozen dough will last at least 1 month but you will get the best results if the dough is made with fresh yeast