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buying flour

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buying flour


 anyone have a source for buying 50 lb bags of flour with reasonable shipping.  white/wheat/organic/bread..........anything.

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Some times a local bakery will sell you a sack,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, qahtan

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I use Sam's Club for bread, high gluten and all purpose flour (mostly just high gluten, since that's what I use the most of).  If there's a Sam's Club or a Costco near you, the membership or finding a friend with a membership that you can tag along with is worth the effort.

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I would also suggest buying active dry yeast at Sam's Club. It comes in 2 one pound vacuum sealed packages for about $4.00. After opening a bag I  store the yeast in the freezer in a small sealed food storage container (Glad, Tupperware type). Can't beat the price when  compared to small package or bottle from local grocery store.

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I get flour through a local health food store. They order it through there distributer and there is no shipping charge.

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I purchase Bob's Red Mill via mail order.  I've tried many different flours and personally think it's great flour.  In the recent past I have ordered 25 lb. bags of both white and light rye flours.  Don't know where you're located re: shipping costs, but I saw an ad today on Amazon for this flour with free shipping on orders of $25 or more.  Don't know the details.  As I recall, when ordering directly from Bob's Red Mill they also sell 50 lb. bags and ship.  You might also check with King Arthur and Arrowhead Mills for 50 lb. bags.

Also, try using the search funtion on TFL and type in "Bob's Red Mill Flour" and you should get several hits, one is a post that Floyd did a while back on his visit to Bob's Red Mill with photos of the milling facility.  What impressed me, from Floyd's photos, was the cleanliness of the operation.  I tried to copy and paste the link but couldn't get it to work.

Good luck with your search,


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The entry about my visit to Bob's Red Mill is here.

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I've used the distributer locator on the King Arthur site (  to find my local distributer.  They were more than glad to sell directly to the public.


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Wisecarver (not verified)

King Arthur is the whip. ;-)

btw, if you have local Menonite stores check them out.
I've got some friends here who run one and they sell large sacks of everyting.
Mountian View Builk Food, in Chuckey, TN, on Highway 107 south of Greeneville.

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If you can find someone in a coop that's a great way to get big bags.  I order 50 lb bags of Rocky Mountain Milling High Plains Whole Wheat via a wholesale coop a friend of a friend is part of.  It works out well and the price is pretty good.

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We grow certified organic grains and have a stonemill and grind our own flour. For more info we have started a website


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We grow and sell flours made from whole grains that are then stone ground.I have hard and soft red wheats, white wheat, rye and spelt.

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@sscasagrande: Where are you located?  I've put together a list of sources for Ontario.  Not sure it would be cost effective but there are plenty of good sources if you are in N. America.