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Hello and a question

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Hello and a question

Hi, I am new to baking in general, but am having fun with it. I love this site. I started with lesson one on this site. My first attempt went pretty well. On my second attempt, when I was kneading I could not get a smooth ball.....I had the dough in good shape, but when I would fold though dough one way or the other, I could not get it into a ball, there were allways cracks or crevases in the ball, no matter what I did, I culd not make a smothe surface on all this normal, or pointers to stop this from happening. The bread is good, but the crust is jacked up a bit due to the cracks.


Tim Apple

Plano, TX

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Mini Oven

Welcome to the site! 

By your description it sounds like you got too much flour into the dough, try to cut back next time.  Flours absorb water at different rates so this can happen.  A little stickiness to the dough is good.  

Some find it easier to have a bowl of water nearby and knead with wet hands instead of powdery dry floured ones.  Try it and see.


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Thanks for the advice...I am going to make another loaf tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well.