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Detroit area

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Detroit area

Just want the world to know that artisan bakeries are alive and well in the Detroit area.  At the Give Thanks Bakery, the breads, pastries, and really just everything are great.

Here is the link:

It is hard to find, but well worth the search.

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I saw the subject line and thought of Give Thanks immediately. I love their North Country and pain au levain.  Their stollen is also delicious.  I go their weekly when I'm not making my own sourdough.


Does anyone have good pizza recommendations in the Detroit area?


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Does anyone have good pizza recommendations in the Detroit area?


Franks Pizza in Wyandotte. It's on Biddle, which is Jefferson outside the city...

The phone # is 1-734-282-0512.

They have the best pizza & the pepperoni is sooo good!!

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NYPD - New York Pizza Depot in Ann Arbor has excellent thin crust pizza (NY style, natch), and it's only a few minutes away from Zingermans Bakehouse (ummmmmmm).

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It would be so nice to have a big, organized kitchen with plenty of space to roll out dough without knocking everything else off the edges of the table!

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I'll be visiting this week and will see what's what.


Marc- Baker @ Toast-Birmingham

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I'm not too sure about Detroit Pizza joints but I live in Flint and this place has the best thin crust pie in the area hands down.


From their website:

Sicily Pizzeria was founded in 1959.
Lorenzo Finateri started the pizzeria as a family owned and operated restaurant specializing in traditional thin crust pizza, which is like pizza from the old country: a larger portion of items, and some of the best pizza in town!
We will make any combination!
Dine In, Take-Out or Delivery


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For all you German bread nuts out there make sure you find time to visit Rheinland Baked Goods in Clinton Township, MI. They sell the most delicious authentic German breads and Broetchen in the midwestern United States, and they ship them right to your door. 

They sell a wonderful German Sourdough Rye, German Multi-Grain, Vollkornbrot and a Buttermilk Bread with Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds that will bring you back time and time again.

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The Gathering Place in Troy, at the corner of John R and Wattles has excellent Sicilian-style square pizza.   Wonderfully crispy, thick crust, lots of cheese and great toppings.   Neighborhood tavern atmosphere completes the picture.

The Alibi, a multi-generational favorite with thin (not NYC thin) round pizza.   Soft, puffy and tasty crust with sweet tomato sauce.   Get it with onions and pepperoni, and you're in for a treat.   Good atmosphere, especially in the bar area - doesn't matter if your drinking or not, it just has good cheer.

Marinelli's, with locations in both Troy and Madison Heights, would be a runner up in the square Sicilian deep dish category, behind the Gathering Place.