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Anyone tried Richard Bertinet's Bacon & Red Onion Loaf?

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Anyone tried Richard Bertinet's Bacon & Red Onion Loaf?

Hey folks!  I am de-lurking thanks to some trouble I had this afternoon with the Smoked Bacon and Red Onion Loaf recipe from Bertinet's "Dough," book.

Perhaps I misinterpreted the instructions to "add the bacon mixture toward the end of working the dough by hand," but I waited until my nice rye dough had started to come together and added the bacon/onion mixture, which promptly turned the whole thing into a slimy mess!!

I worked it for well over half an hour, even breaking the cardinal rule and adding some more flour to try to soak up the grease/oil from the bacon, but the dough stayed very sticky.  I followed the rest of the instructions to the letter and the loaves are in the oven now, and while they smell lovely they've barely fluffed up at all.  We'll see how they look when sliced, but my hopes for a nice, fluffy loaf are not high.

Has anyone else had similar issues with this recipe, working by hand?  I am somewhat new to B's technique but have had excellent results so far... any idea where I went wrong?




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I made the same mistake of adding in wet ingredients (onions ) too early.  I think the wetness at the dough interface with the  onions  alters the overall rise-perhaps it makes the dough too heavy.

It is best to add them at least after a first rise.

In  "Tartine" , Volume 3 ?,  by Chad Robertson, there is a section on adding ingredients to dough.