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BBA vs. Crust & Crumb

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BBA vs. Crust & Crumb


I have read, enjoyed and baked from Peter Reinhart's Breadbakers Apprentice.  I've read that Crust and Crumb is a predescesor to BBA.  Is this so?  Is it worth buying Crust and Crumb if I already have BBA?




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Hi, Adam.

I'd say "yes." BBA has more "advanced" thinking, as far as PR's evolution goes, but C&C has a wider variety of bread formulas. Where there is overlap, some of the C&C formulas are superior to those in BBA, in my opinion.

Three formula's in C&C come to mind: The first is the one for San Francisco Sourdough. The version in C&C won PR the James Beard award. It makes a better bread than the slightly dumbed down version in BBA. The second is the formula for 100% sourdough rye. This is a unique rye bread that is really good. The "Deli Rye" in BBA isn't bad, but it's insipid compared to the rye in C&C. The third is the recipe for Banana Bread. It is simply wonderful.

Although I always recommend BBA as the single best book for the beginning wanna be artisan baker (if you will pardon the expression), I actually bake much more often from C&C these days.

As always, YMMV.


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Thanks for the feedback.  I guess now I have no choice but to get another bread baking book! (wink)