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Up For Sale - Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer. Brand New. UK....No Longer up for sale....I'm a silly duffer!

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Up For Sale - Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer. Brand New. UK....No Longer up for sale....I'm a silly duffer!

Hi Ya'll


Things have gone pair shaped and it looks like I am moving back to Australia. I moved to the UK 12 months ago almost to the day and things havent worked out. It looks like I am moving back to OZ.

The problem with this is that I cant use my KAM over there due to the different sockets etc.

My mixer is BRAND NEW. Still under warranty and honestly has never been used. The reason being it was a replacement for the mixer that walked itself off the bench a few months back and ever since receiving it, I just havent used it. It has sat on the bench lookin pretty but doing nowt else.

Its brand new....(Bright Red too!) but I am selling it for the best offer price. I bought it for around £340.


I live in East Sussex (right on the boarder of east and west actually) and close to Brighton. If anyone is interested, then let me know.


Thanks guys


The Green Baker.

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This is the 21st century after all.  I can't exactly explain why we don't have flying cars.  But I do know that there are many universal voltage converter plug-ins tha will serve your mixer no matter where  you live. 

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I didnt think about those!



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Both UK and Australia are on 240 volts and same frequency.  You only need a plug adapter.  They are cheap and plentiful.



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Uuuumm I didnt think of that :S





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The UK and AU use the same voltage so, as an alternative to buying an adapter, just chop off the UK plug and wire up an AU one.  A handy friend could do this for you in about 5 minutes.  A repair shop might charge you 10.

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I just didnt think of that!

Thank you for the advice! :)


Much appreciated!



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Dave W

I'd love to buy it, but things are a little difficult at the moment ! so i'll just have to keep on slappin by hand.


Dave W

nr Chester in the UK


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Well you're working yiour biceps so its good for you!

Hmm chester *goes for a google* Its a lovely country this one....leaving would be a darn shame....hopefully things work out :)