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Icelandic Cake

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Icelandic Cake

So a friend of mine's girlfriend visited Iceland and fell in love with a cake they make there.  I do not know the name but she was able to get the recipe from the bakery.  My problem is a specific ingrediant "gluten" which I am not sure what they are asking for.  Below is what was sent to me.  Anyone ever hear of this?  I would really like to try to make it but really need help getting this together.  They also sent me a picture I posted below if it helps. 

Appreciate any help (I don't know any Icslandic's to ask)


!!!!!!!!!now remember that recipe is for 20 cakes!!!!!!!!!!

8kg egg
160g vanilla drops
5kg sugar
260g Colcoa (you can skip this tho...)
200 gluten
120 matarsóti :) (baking soda)
1,2kg kartöflumjöl :) (Potato flour)
3,1kg flour
800g coco
800g flórsykur :) (Icing sugar)

and just whip that together and put on some baking
paper or whatever.

Baked in an oven for 10 min at 240c°

Now that was the cake it self and for the cream... you
need about 450 grams on one cake but the recipe is
kinda big..

25 kg butter
25 kg icingsugar
750g vanilla drops

stir together nice and easy..
!!!!!!!!!!now remember that recipe is for 20 cakes!!!!!!!!!!

Icelandic Cake

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Are you sure the recipe doesn't call for 200 grams of luten??  :-)

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Here would be considered wheat gluten I assume. Here is a link to a common one you find in the stores. although this one has vitamin C it isn't necessary.

I would be interested in your results. The one in the pic looks tasty.


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I think the recipe is called:   -Súkkulaði-slöngukaka - Chocolate "Snake cake".  I did a little research.  But, from the recipes I found online their version used less ingredients and didn't mention gluten.

But, it sounds, to me, like a chocolate cream roll.