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commercial bread help

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commercial bread help

Ok don't hate me, I work in a hotel kitchen, with commercial frozen proof and bake bread. Chef wants crispy crust on his rolls, I can't get it, I use steam, for 15 to 45 seconds but it is just soft and commercial. I suspect it is ingredients, could it be the oil, the datem, or other emulsifiers, or preservatives? I am going in early today to make real bread to show him I know how to make crusty bread. But if you have any ideas I could use the help.


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These are great rolls, easy to make and sound like they may fit what you're trying to do.  I make these frequently (3 1/2 oz (breakfast) - 4 oz (dinner) rolls and they're great rolls.

Good luck


EDIT: If you're ihterested and don't have Bernard Clayton's book and need the recipe, e-mail me at and I'll send it to you as an attachment.

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I will check out the library and bookstore, but if I can't find the book I would love the recipe, they look perfect.

Have a good day!


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Also from Clayton's book, you may want to look at his Egg-shell Rolls (if I'm remembering the name correctly).  Nope, no egg-shell anywhere in them, but they make a light roll with a thin, crispy crust.


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Hi Howard,


thanks again for the 2 version of ss.roll bread recipe. I finally tried them.

I think it was a success.



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Hi Martha,

I picked up Bernard Clayton's Book a couple of weeks ago at Chapters. It was on sale for Cnd $12.95. Could not believe my good fortune. And those rolls are awesome.



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Have you tried spraying the rolls with water prior to baking?  Just mist them all, let the water soak in for a few minutes, maybe another quick misting and then put them in the oven.  What temperature are you baking them at?

And yes, if the dough has milk, sugar, oil, or other non-flour/water ingredients, then you will never get as crispy a crust.  (I'm assuming you are looking for something more like you see on an honest loaf of french bread or bagettes...)



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Hi all,

today i baked a batch of sourdough proofed in assorted bannetons. Among them the plastic type which I'm using for the first time. the doughs proof well is all but had a had time releasing from the plastic models. they were lightly oiled and moderately floured. they were also a *#&%! to clean. Has anyone had any luck with these? thanks, bob
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I had that problem until Mark of thebackhomebakery clued me in.

I do not oil the forms.  Use rice flour and BRUSH the flour up into the crevices. Make sure the flour stays up on the little ledges.

Works pretty good for me since he gave me the hint.


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Cool, I'll give it a shot with the next batch.

thanks Oldcampcook and Mark of thebackhomebakery!