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citron peel in nyc?

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citron peel in nyc?

Hey fellow bakers!  The holiday season is quickly approaching and I'd like the make a stollen recipe.  Unfortunately, I can't find any citron!  THey only seem to sell mediocre quality ones at the store and they are always mixed in with other candied fruits that have been treated with food coloring.  yuck.  I want my food to look natural, not neon!  Does anyone know where I could purchase citron peel in the New York City area?  You'd think it would be readily available, but I can't seem to find any.  I've tried buying online, but shipping is crazy expensive.  Any help out there?  Thank you!

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where are you in new york?

there is a place in yonkers where you can buy diced citron one  problem

it comes in 30 pound boxes

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hmmm, not in an area where i could get to yonkers conveniently...not that I'd want THAT much citron.  yeesh.  thank you for letting me know though.  :)

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Make your own candied orange peel & use this instead - it will taste much better. Recipes in many general baking books. Patsy

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Go to Borough Park, Williamsburg or Flatbush. There, you may be able to purchase Citrons (called Esrogim or Etrogim in the plural, Esrog, or Esrogim in the singular) to make the candied peel. I saw some in Borough Park just last week at the Produce store on 15th Avenue between 43rd and 44th Street. The holiday they are associated with, Sukkot, or Feast of the Tabernacles, is in the fall, so next year, check a Jewish calendar, try one at for the date and the week AFTER the entire 8 day holiday they are on sale. Be sure to soak the peel in several changes of water before candying. I make candied peel and also citron jam, and freeze it. It lasts at least 3-4 months. It is SO much better than the store bought. The fragrance is wonderful.

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not fresh, but by itself in small conatiners.

I use it for Easter & Xmas grain pie.  It's excellent.


so is kalustyans