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Shipping it: the "sourdough paper"

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Shipping it: the "sourdough paper"


I just came up with the new starter shipping method -- no white powder involved. 
To create the “sourdough paper” I placed the sheet of Bounty paper towel on the plastic wrap film and poured the starter on the paper.  Then I dried it for a couple of days.  Bounty is good because it does not disintegrate easily in water.  The dried towel sheet is just a piece of paper and can be mailed easily without any special precautions in the normal mail envelope.
I tried restoring the starter from this form and it worked great.  I’ve placed a little piece of
"sourdough paper" (2 x 2 inch) on the bottom of the cup and put  around 1.5 Tbs of purified water and 1 Tbs of flour, gently mixed it and covered with the plastic wrap.  On the second day I've added one more Tbs of water and 1 Tbs of flour.  By the end of the second day the starter got all bubbly and going strong (the texture and the smell are great).  I then discarded the paper and continued feeding as usual.


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A coffee filter would work great.They are not prone to tearing/dissolving in water.

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I've got this idea after being notified by USPS security that the hasmat team was dispatched to handle the broken envelope (which I've mailed).  The sorting machine just tore it up.  The USPS folks were very nice but I don't think anyone wants to go through such experience.  They also suggested using padded envelopes but I think that it's a matter of luck and the machine may chew anything,  so I figured the sourdough paper is really bullet proof.