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Hello From Texas!

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Hello From Texas!

What a great Forum! After suffering with the store bought fare for to long I decided to get back into bread baking. I'm a fan of Sourdough and ordered a starter (South African Kenilworth),some wheat grain, dusted off my mill and have been going at it for two weeks. Like most I continue to search for the perfect crust and acquired a La Cloche clay pot. The instructions that came with them were sure to result in their destruction so I did a search and stumbled on to THE FRESH LOAF. Within minutes I had the guidance I required in a post by weaverhouse(THANKS) and the result was a great loaf that didn't stick and left the clay intact. Regards  

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Hi, KAZ,

Welcome from Texas! Sounds like you're going to fit right in here. I'm still in the beginner phase but am learning.