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anyone have food processor attachments for Electrolux Magic Mill?

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anyone have food processor attachments for Electrolux Magic Mill?

I have the Electrolux Magic Mill and am in need of a food processor.  Has anyone tried the food processor attachments for it? I've been looking through the attachment list and can't for the life of me figure out what is used for what both in terms of what the individual shredding disks are used for but also how one would go about making something that needs to be more puréed than shredded: hummus or nut butter, for instance.  With a traditional food processor, I'd use the blade attachment, but with this I'm not sure.

Does anyone have these? Can you comment on how useful they are?



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I was given a set of slicing and shredding attachments for my Electrolux Magic Mill. I use the nut grinder for cheese and for nuts. The shredding disks are very useful for vegetables, making much more uniform and restaurant-like cuts than our Kitchenaid food processor. We grow a lot of vegetables and always prefer the MM for slicing, shredding or julienning vegetables because it is very fast and handles a lot of food at once.

For purees you would need the blender attachment, which is very powerful, given the MM motor.

I am not sure this answers your questions, but please ask about anything I have neglected to tell you about.



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Thanks for the information, that helps a lot.  Have you tried making something like hummus, tabouleh, pesto or a nut butter with the blender attachment? Something where you need to finely chop or purée something.

Most blenders I've used are quite narrow at the bottom which makes puréeing difficult. Is the blender attachment fairly wide at the bottom?

Thanks again!


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The blender is approximately 3.5 - 4" in diameter inside. I have used the blender to make purees and it does an excellent job. It is nice to be able to vary the force of the blender, using the dial on the front, in such small increments.



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With a traditional food processor, I'd use the blade attachment, but with this I'm not sure.

Its a Grater/Shredder/Slicer.

Its not like what other folks typically call a "food processor". 

It doesn't do liquids/purées/pastes.


But Electrolux do offer a "Blender" attachment. (Which would appear to do what you might expect.)

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I have a Magic Mill and although it is a workhorse, I would hesitate to invest the money in the slicer/shredder attachments.

For what it costs to get the attachments, one can buy a separate food processor, and although that may mean a bit more space for storage, it is in keeping with my kitchen philosophy of trying to make sure that if one appliance goes, it does not take a slew of them with it.

I assume my MM mixer will provide many more years of service, but if anything happens to it, I'd hate to lose a blender or food processor, too.

I did break my own rule once, with my Kenwood mixer and have a grain mill that attaches to it. I happened on such an extreme bargain at an obscure website that it was worth the risk, but the MM food processor parts are well about $120 just for the basics, and additional disks are another chunk o' change - $70 or so. You can get a mighty fine KA or Cuisinart FP for that money and even have some left over to guy ingredients.

Just my 2 cents.