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Reinhart's Bavarian Pumpernickel Question

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Reinhart's Bavarian Pumpernickel Question

I recently bought Reinhart's WGB and have been reading and re-reading the Bavarian Pumpernickel recipe and my girlfriend keeps asking why I'm drooling. Silly me, I'm going to attempt something that might be beyond my abilities.

If anyone has made this, or if you can answer anyway, I have a question:

I found a slightly dented Pullman Loaf pan on discount. It is a 13"x4"x4" and says it is for a 1.5lb loaf. Reinhart's recipe is for 1482 grams or roughly 3.23 lbs., yet he talks about a single 4"x8.5" loaf pan.

So...Do I need to split the recipe, or does the fact that it is a rye bread mean my pan size will work? Is that 1.5lbs for a "normal" white bread loaf?

Any other tips?



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The recommended Pullman weight is definitely for your typical white sandwich bread. I would make a 2x recipe of Reinhart's Pumpernickel to fill that size pan. You'll have to manage your baking times and temps to make sure the larger loaf bakes through properly.

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For confirming what I was thinking, although I am hesitant to stuff 6.5lbs of dough into a single Pullman. I'm going to try 1.5x Reinhart's recipe and see what happens.