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Looking for a Biga recipe!!! HELP!!

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chahira daoud

Looking for a Biga recipe!!! HELP!!

Dear Freshloavers, I am looking for a good Biga recipe , I want to make panettone using Biga, would you please help me to get  good one.

Thanks to you all & have a nice day!!

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This is from the BBA and is the one I use. I'll give you Oz and grams as well as volume.

Bread flour     2-1/2 Cups        11.25 Oz.                   319 grams
Instant Yeast   1/2 teaspoon     .055 Oz                     1.6 grams
Water      3/4 Cup plus 2 T@ room temp     7-8 Oz      198-215 grams

Mix flour and yeast together first. Add 77F water and mix well to rough ball. Knead for a few minutes on lightly floured counter to make a smooth mass. Ferment covered in a lightly oiled bowl for 2-4 hours. It will nearly double. Degas, form a ball and place  in a air tight bag, refrigerate  overnight. It can be kept and used for up to 3 days.

This will give you a very flavorful biga that has the old bread dough acids.

Hope this is what you were looking for.



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You can find many recipes (Italian bread) using biga method in their website:

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chahira daoud

Thank you guys , it was sooo helpful for me, I will show you the harvest very soon, Thank you Eric!

Thank you Wildeny!