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Oh my God! I purchased a proofer yesterday!

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Oh my God! I purchased a proofer yesterday!

I am so exited I wanted to share this with all of you guys.  I just purchased a (second hand) proofer yesterday on eBay!!!

There's this mini supermarket at like roughly 1 hour driving from my home who put this on eBay.  I paid 99Euro for it!

It is not the latest and greatest, but I hope to get decent results.  Proofing in my house is definitely not always that great, especially

now that it gets a little colder...

So here's a pic :



I am going to get it Saturday, can't wait!


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Let us know how it works out!!


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I will!

I guess just like my new oven it will take some time to learn how to use it.

But I will update you guys, will also be posting on my blog.




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THAT looks like FUN!!!


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That is SO cool. Lucky you. I know what you mean about the weather. it took 2 hours to ferment a straight dough today. Have a ton a fun!



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First impression : works well, the dough is becoming a bit wet which makes it hard to slice.

I have to do some more testing but that will be next weeken.

I also need to update my blog, will do asap.