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Polls and TFL Forum

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Polls and TFL Forum

Hi Floydl,

About 8 months back I suggested the use of polls for the forum and you suggested that it was not appropriate for the forum.  Could you please clarify what your position is on putting up polls on the forum at this point in time?

Country Boy

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Hey Country Boy,

I believe you, but I have no recollection of the conversation you mentioned. 

Can I clarify my position?  Not really... After running the site for almost 4 years, I'm running the first poll I've ever run here.  Is it going to be successful and worth repeating?  I have no idea yet.  We'll have to gauge based on how many people take it, what kind of conversation it sparks, and whether people find it interesting. 

Does it make sense to open polls up so that everyone can add them and we have 5 or 10 running at the same time?  I'm certainly not convinced yet that it is.

If you have good ideas for polls you'd like to see run here, please email them to me.  I hadn't decided on whether I was going to run another one after this one, but if I have a really compelling poll idea I will.

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I noted the poll section - probably available now thanks to Floyd's efforts in moving TFL to a faster server and adding new and improved software.

I personally don't think he needs to explain his position to anyone and am just gratified that Floyd has made TFL available.

Best to be thankful for what we have, when we have it.

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It is certainly your site to do with as you think appropriate, however, if you wish to see how another forum with over 10,000 members handles polls you may wish to check out

That site has had polls since inception and I am not aware that although

" everyone can add them" there have not been "5 or 10 running at the same time?"

That forum has phpBB and is totally different software from Droupal but you may wish to consider how polls do there.  That is the forum I cited when we discussed this issue previously.

While I don't have any burning issues to survey, the flexibility does give members a chance to canvas on whatever relevant topics they feel relevant at the time.



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dude - I'm not going to have Floyd spend Thanksgiving weekend fixing polls or adding extra "you can add polls' functions when he's finally promised to get back to some baking.People have a hard enough time copying text into the text editor and figuring out how to post pictures.

In the last week we've not spent much family time because he's been working on fortybillion whatsit code fix requests that came with having to upgrade a whole bunch of the drupal stuff and half the modules that were used here were needing to be updated/replaced or fixed as well - in his research he ran across something that seems to work and it was just a fun toy to add on the side, "a freebie" that he found which could be dropped in without a lot of time and effort....

but as his wife who misses him I'm not appreciating the attitude (if I read that right) and I'm vetoing his spending a lot more time on the toys.



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Boy oh boy - I'm with you. When either spouse volunteers their time the other does too! So when we thank Floyd for keeping this amazing resource up and running and getting better all the time we should be really thanking both of you. Thank you.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that todays guests, all around the country, are going to enjoy some world class bread and rolls thanks to your efforts.

 Happy Thanksgiving,


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Just for the record, when I made this suggestion last time you said:

"Submitted by Floydm on April 7, 2008 - 4:34pm.

 I could enable surveys, polls, chat, all sorts of goofy stuff, but I don't really see how that would help us help each other bake. If anything, my feelings is adding advanced functionality like that for more formatting options would create more of a divide between the technically savvy and less technical users. I don't want to do that."

Please feel free to do as you wish.  I was just curious.

Have a wonder full holiday.


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I've worked with phpBB, I've been on other forums, and I'm familiar with how polls can be used in message boards.  Though this site has a forum section, I don't think this site shares a lot of characteristics that forum like that have.  I'm certainly not trying to emulate them.

The concern that adding more gee whiz features that don't serve the mission of the site and would create a greater divide between power users and everyone else is, I think, still valid.  PhpBB also tends to call attention to that with the "Member Since:" and "Number of Posts" on every comment, as if the comments of those who've been members longer or who comment profusely are inherently more meaningful.  That is something I'm purposely trying to avoid here.

If you'd like to debate this further, I'd prefer we do it by email.  This is supposed to be a festive season, a time for giving thanks.  Most folks coming here would prefer to chat about bread and holiday baking, not whether this feature or that feature of the message board is enabled.

Just for the record, we have just shy of 12,000 members and thousands more folks who read the site regularly who haven't joined.

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I have been a member of this site for almost two years. I don't comment nearly as often but I read every day. I am glad that you appreciate those of us who come and learn as well as the those who are the prolific commenters. I haved learned and continue to learn a lot from all the great bakers here.

I sincerely wish you, your wife and your children the best Thanksgiving ever - I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming Christmas baking season and using some of the great recipes and techniques I've learned here.

Thanks again -


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Thank you. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving as well,


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TFL is definitely one of the things for which I am Thankful this year!

Some of us here are "pros" in the business of baking, but even for those, if they are here, baking is about family and friends. I appreciate Floyd's keeping focused on his purpose for TFL and Dstroy's making sure the means don't subvert the end.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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Thank you so very much for putting so much precious time and effort into to has given me one of the things to be so very Thankful for this year! 

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours, Sylvia


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Mini Oven

on the poll, and I did.  - Mini  

Happy First of Advent Sunday!

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Mini, are you following Florida Voting Procedure? LOL