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NYT No Knead Bread questions from a rookie...

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yeast tang clan

NYT No Knead Bread questions from a rookie...

When I use plastic wrap to cover my dough filled bowl during the initial rise, a few hours into fermentation the gases collect resulting in a plastic wrap "dome."  Should I release the trapped gas?  Is this intentional for recipes with extended initial rises?  Does it prevent/promote the dough from rising properly?

Secondly, I have made about 5 loaves using the NKB method and have never achieved the famous "crackling" noise during cooling that I have read so much about on these forums.  Am I doing something wrong?  For now, I am strictly adhering to the original recipe and methods from the NYT article and coordinating NYT video.

Please share your wisdom with this novice.  Thanks.

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I always degas, but only because I can't help peeking! I don't think it matters, though. The only reason for covering it with plastic wrap is to prevent the dough from drying out.

That crackling sound is a result of the loaf contracting as it cools. Depending on the texture of the crust, you might not hear that crackling sound. Are you satisfied with the crust?

Ding! Gotta run! I have another batch of loaves to put in the oven!