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Partially Baking Bread for Tommorrow

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Partially Baking Bread for Tommorrow

Good Morning All,

 I am a newbie to Artisan Bread. I wish to patially bake the bread, 20 minutes out of the thirty.  May I bakethe bread the remaining 10 minutes, the next day, before serving, with good results??


Jan s

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If you're just looking at next-day warming, I'd suggest simply baking the bread all the way through as normal, then storing it however you prefer (I'd probably wrap it in plastic).  The next day, preheat the oven to 400F and pop the bread in for ~5 minutes to crisp up the crust.  I've done this many times (in particular, using this procedure on thawed bread that I've stored in the freezer), and it works wonderfully!

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I think you are going to have best results if you bake it all the way then reheat it the next day.  If the concern is not overbrowning it, wrap it in foil while reheating.  But bread that is a bit dark is certainly superior to bread that is underbaked and still gummy in the middle.