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Still baking

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Still baking

Despite all the server brou-ha-ha, I've still managed to bake a few times.

A standard Pain Sur Poolish loaf, still more-or-less using this recipe.  Served with a pot of minestrone soup.  My goal is to make one pot of soup a week all winter long and try as many new soup recipes as I can.  Where there's soup, there's bread!

20% whole wheat sourdough

Whole Wheat Sourdough Crumb

This was a 20% Whole Wheat Sourdough I made last night. The batch had 200 grams of moist activated sourdough starter to 1000 grams flour (800 bread flour, 200 whole wheat flour) and around 630 grams water and 20 grams salt. I did an overnight bulk fermentation in our "cold room" (a room that gets down to around 40 degrees on winter nights), then shaped and baked it the next evening.  It has a real nice sour flavor and smell.


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Maybe someday I'll learn to score as well as you do, Floyd.  Glad to see you're still producing those lovely dark crusts.  I think they add another wonderful layer to the taste of the bread.

Gosh.  Great soup and great bread.  Do you have a twin?

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Thanks!  I was very pleased with the scoring.  9 out of 10 times my scoring stinks, but this time I nailed it.  I *think* I'm getting a feel for it (though every time I say that I do a terrible job on my next loaf).

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Sheesh, Floyd, that was the most be-U-ti-ful ever! You've been doing A+ to B+ scoring for a long time. Awesome crumb too. Wishing you , Dstroy and the kids a very Happy Thanksgiving!