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Banneton/Brotform in Montreal

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Banneton/Brotform in Montreal


I'm looking for bannetons/brotforms in Montreal. I feel like there should be a place that sells them because there's much bread in this city! :)

I've tried Ares, Quincallerie Dante, La Soupière and Les Touilleurs but to no avail.

Any suggestions/leads would be much appreciated!


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...I doubt that you'll find them anywhere.  You could try restaurant/hotel supply places, but even there I'm not sure.  I underwent a similar search a few years ago for a Pullman pan and ended up ordering one from  You could try her.

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Just checked the online store, no bannetons or brotforms to be found there.

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Thank you for your message.  We can obtain a 8"Dia spiral wicker bread proofing basket (suitable for 1½ lb loaves; made in Germany) for you by special order; a photo is attached.  The price is $37.50 (+ shipping + applicable taxes) and availability is approx. 4 - 6 weeks.  If you would like to order this item, via return e-mail please advise as to your shipping address and the quantity of baskets which you require and we will quote the total order (including shipping and taxes).



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Yup, i emailed Golda's to check and they said that if I ordered now, they would probably get the stock in jan/feb. :(

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I don't know if you're looking for the traditional or plastic sort, but if you want the plastic ones, I've got some I'll sell you.  I no longer use them and they're just taking up space (and collecting flour).   That goes for anyone else too.

Just email me so we don't turn TFL into Craig's List.


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You can get them for $8/each for 8" with a lining from SFBI: