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Pre-package ingredients

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Pre-package ingredients

I love to bake bread and stuff but hate having to take everything out to measure and stuff. My wife complains that the kitchen is dirty taking into consideration it is not a big one. So my question is, would it be possible to pre mix some recipies , bag them, then refridgerate? Of course not the yeast or liquids. More like the flour, sugar, salt etc. Any ideas and/or suggestions?

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OOC, do you have a kitchen scale?  Because I found measuring went from a messy pain in the butt to more or less trivial once I had a scale.  Nothing like being able to do away with measuring cups...

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Yep, definitely want to keep the wife happy, especially in the kitchen!  I have premeasured and stored in rubbermaid containers before with various breads/cookie mix/etc with pleasant results. 

Or you could just make sure that you really clean the kitchen DURING and after you are done mixing bread (I am not sure what your wife is saying is dirty--is it that you are leaving stuff on the counter, not cleaning until the bread is baking so that you can clean the rising bowl too meaning the kitchen stays messy during the bread rising periods, or not washing dishes or wiping counters or putting things up?  That would make a difference in how to streamline your process). 

FWIW I keep measuring cups in the flour and sugar containers, measuring spoons in the yeast container, etc. I wash them generally every two bags of flour/sugar or if I get something on them.  I have transferred most of the bagged ingredients to rubbermaid containers (they take up almost the same amount of shelf space, but are less likely to spill, dribble, or look junky).

Because of this, I usually only have about 4-5 things to wash:  bowl, dough hook, measuring cup for liquids, pan the bread cooks on, and maybe a utensil or two.  I try to put away things as I go (put away all the ingredients during the first rise, etc).  It also helps to get as much dough off as possible and wipe the counters ASAP.

Try premeasuring with one batch and see how it goes.  It might not make perfect bread, but it might be good enough.