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crazy oven spring!

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crazy oven spring!


just wondering if anyone has any idea about how to reduce my oven spring!

I am using a home grown sourdough starter which goes crazy once it's in the oven and the bread pops/breaks open, which is fine but would like to know about how to stop it/reduce it so i can get the nice whole loaf shape.

Be great if anyone can help, i am pretty new to baking and can't pin point why it has happened consistently lately but only occasionally over the past couple of months.........

Thanks :)

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Are you slashing your loaves. If you are you may need to slash them a little bigger or deeper. Good luck!

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Not sure what you mean when you say your loaves "pops/break open."  If your loaves are splitting open, then the bread may be underproofed.  Such splitting can happen even if your loaves have been slashed (I speak from experience).

Your dough temperature could also be a factor.   Search TFL for the Rule of 240 and you'll find lots of info on the subject.



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yes, forgive the awkward expression but calling it splitting would make more sense,

and yes despite slashing, occasionally quite deeply, it still happens.

so am looking forward to looking up your suggestions,

thanks for the help :)