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Server upgrade and missing features

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Server upgrade and missing features

The server upgrade this week went very well.  There have been a few little hiccups, but overall it went well, and the site is blisteringly fast now.

There are still a few missing features.  Most noticable, the gallery is gone.  The gallery solution I was using isn't mature enough to run in this version of Drupal.  I'll either reenable that gallery software when it gets stable or find a new gallery.

There also were a few other things I was hoping to add that I did not.  One thing has has been mentioned is a private messaging system, so that site users could send each other their email addresses and discussing things privately.  Again, the PM module isn't mature enough right now, but I will try to add that in soon.  Now that we are on Drupal 6, we have a lot more new modules available to us.

One module that is mature is the book module, so I think we'll try to kick off a "Baker's Handbook" project very soon, like by the start of December.  It has been... a year since we first talked about doing that?  Maybe more?  Anyway, it is definitely time.  Worst case, it doesn't work out.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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For those of us who are kinda new what is the Baker's Handbook? Directions, little tidbits of helpful hints?
And thank you for all the hard work and giving us such a great place to learn and share with other people. The experience here has been invaluable!
We may need to rent a convention center one day and all show up with some baked goods for a dinner!


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Hey Eli,

The idea for the handbook is that we'd put together a structured document with some of the best recipes and tips, something organized and more like a cookbook than the constant stream of information that TFL primarily is now.  People love the way that conversation is constantly going on here, but there are times when they'd like to be able to just click a link and find a reliable Ciabatta recipe rather that search and compare 4 or 5 different ones.

I think it was last year about this time we talked about it quite a bit, but people were busy, I got overly concerned with the license and how to structure the document and the writing team, and a few other things got in the way.   So the project never got off the ground.  My feeling this time is to just kick it off like a wiki, giving many people access to edit it, slap a Creative Commons license on it (probably the by-nc-sa license), and hope for the best.

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I wasn't able to get TFL on my Bloglines for the longest time - I did catch you on Google Reader. Glad to say you're popping back up in Bloglines now! It's still my favorite reader. Looking forward to the handbook and reading TFL regularly again.


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For whatever it's worth, when I visted this page there was a boxed block of text at the top stating:

user warning: Unknown column 'b.mlid' in 'on clause' query: SELECT * FROM book b INNER JOIN menu_links ml ON b.mlid = ml.mlid WHERE b.nid = 9717 in /var/www/html/ on line 657.

Running Windoze XP(SP2), Firefox 3.0.4 and Zone Alarm Pro.  TFL is permitted in FF and ZA.

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I think I fix that.  Please let me know if you are still seeing it.

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On the old system, I subscribed to specific threads and was notified by email when they had a response. I just realized I wasn't getting any mail and checked my settings. If I understand the new notifications page, there are no options other than being updated every time someone posts on the site. It lets you choose how detailed the email will be, but that's all. Is this right or am I missing something there?


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I couldn't find your other post so I decided to try this one.  Here's hoping you find this one.  Floyd has fixed the toolbar and linkage icon (tree) problem.  Apparently it was interface between the host system and the browser (Internet Explorer) causing the problem.  Check your blog funtion and see if you have the toolbar and icon.  It should work for you now.


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Floyd, I just noticed that I wasn't getting the note to say someone had replied to something I had commented on. Was I supposed to alter something my end? Once in a while I would get several of the same note but at least I was aware of the response. Not being critical here - I can't imagine what a mammoth task it was to change it over, but then you do know what you are doing. Even if you do talk in strange words like drupal and other mysteries. I also want to say how touched I was to be mentioned as a regular poster. I feel I get so much more from TFL than I contribute but it is lovely to be considered one of the family, and that's how I feel about you all. Very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! A.

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This was another section that the current code was still a little shaky, so I may not have enabled everythign I should have.  But I think it is on now, so keep an eye open for notifications showing up in your inbox.

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Im so happy to be back : )...thank you Floyd...I have my bar on I just need to figure out how to post images : (  ..... Thanks again Floyd for the wonderful job and all the effort you put into the new TFL.