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What to do with an underbaked miche?

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What to do with an underbaked miche?

Well, my first real bread disaster... a snow knocked out my power and I'm left with a whole wheat sourdough miche that was cooked at 400 and eventually to 300F for an hour.  The oven kick was poor and while a crust formed, the insides are dense and gummy.  While I'm happy enough to trash it and try again tomorrow, I thought I'd ask... is there anything I can do with a gummy sourdough loaf?

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I think you are out of luck, though maybe some neighborhood ducks or pigeons would enjoy it.

At least you have an excuse.  I've done that a few times when the power *hasn't* gone out.  Whoops.

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1. try slicing it, toasting it in a low oven, and putting it in the food processor and using it for breadcrumbs
2. cube it, dry it out also in a low oven, and then freeze it and use for turkey stuffing
3. add milk (dairy or soy) or amazake, , perhaps eggs, sweetener, raisins, cinnamon, and bake in low oven for bread pudding
4. slice thin and make an apple charlotte with it

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1.against Yetties
2. Ammunition for a trebuchet
3. Door Stop
4. Walkway paver
5. Boat anchor
6. Counterweight for garage door

Sorry, but I couldn't help it. I have made so many of these and actually, I think I could have used mine for any of these. Good luck with the next one!!

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Mini Oven

I take it you have cut the loaf in half to inspect the crumb. 

Scoop out the dough and shape into thin flat rounds and bake on a medium heated frypan like pancakes or try dropping in small spoonfuls into boiling soup for dumplings.  Anything that didn't bake in the loaf will soon spoil if not heated through.  The in between bread, the stuff that boarder lines between baked and not baked should also be re-heated, maybe in the oven but wrap the outside crust in foil first exposing only the inside gutted surfaces.  I would preheat the oven first.  Remove foil upon removing from oven to cool.

The resulting bread will be thin but lightly toasted and edible. Might even be a hit.

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