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Eat my own dogfood

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Eat my own dogfood

I upgrade the site to Drupal 4.7.1. Knock on wood, it was mostly painless. Contact me if you notice anything acting too squirrelly here.

Hopefully the UI will be a little less confusing now. There are a few little improvements folks will see, but for the most part the site should look and feel the same.

Not too much baking on my part, of late. I did bake pizza last weekend:


as well as a porridge whole wheat bread that I was pleased with.

Oregon strawberries are finally in season, so we've been having excellent strawberry shortcake lately.


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Just curious, Floyd. What is porridge whole wheat bread?

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I had sample of a multi-grain cereal mix, the type of thing you are supposed to cook up like Cream of Wheat. Rather than cook it up and eat it straight, I soaked it in water overnight and then threw it in a whole wheat dough. It definitely changed the character and flavor of the loaf.

That was my interpretation of a porridge bread, though I gather that traditional porridge bread uses cooked porridge as a base. Looking around I'm finding a bunch of recipes from Nova Scotia and Ontario, so I gather it is bigger in Canada than it is here.

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Sorry for being so odd but I couldn't find your e-mail anywhere here. You had stated a long time ago on an entry on this site ( that archaeologists were uncovering evidence of acorn bread in Iran. I am a member of a historical re-enactment group and for the last two weeks I have been trying to research acorn breads use NOT in the americas and I've run up against a wall. I know it's odd, but please e-mail me at, thank you so much and I know it's weird.