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Traveling with dough

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Traveling with dough

OK - Crazy question, but I know that I will get some great feedback so here goes. I will be traveling by plane to Miami Beach, Florida from Baltimore, Maryland on Christmas day (Hooray!). I would love to bake my challah for my family and friends down there on Friday, but I dont want to mess up my host's kitchen and/or bring all my little helpful tools. I was thinking that I could bake the bread at home on Tuesday and carry it on the plane (though that would be bulky) OR - is there a way to make the dough, freeze it and then take it with me?

I figure that I will be in transit for about 6 hours all told - what if I make my dough and then put it in a garbage bag and freeze it over night and then put the bag in my checked luggage? Then when I get there leave it out all night to come to room temp and rise and shape and bake?

Anyone have any experience traveling with raw dough? Would love some advice.


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I haven't carried it with me but I have shipped it FedEx overnight. That was baked of course. I put it in the post at 5:00 and it was there by 10 am.
Just a thought.

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try this
make your dough as normal
but when it is shaped braded and ready to bake put it in the coldest part of your frezer and frezz it solid.
now look in the phone book for the blood bank or an ice supplyer and ask if you can get a small piece of dry ice
about one pound should do it and your off.

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I wonder what the TSA would say about dry ice - is it a liquid? I did an experiment today and braided an extra loaf along with this week's batch. Rather than letting it bench proof I put it into an oiled freezer bag and into the back of my storage freezer. I am planning to take it out on Monday before I go to work and see what it does over 8 hours and room temp and then bake it. If that works I might just try taking it frozen in a cooler without ice on the plan to Florida.

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I have traveled with breads that have been previously frozen many, many times. I take them out of the freezer as I am leaving the house. They are generally thawed by time I arrive at my destination.

Most loaves refresh well by heating for 5-10 minutes (depending on the size of the loaf) in the oven at 375F. Sourdoughs work better than straight dough breads, I would think.

I've baked bread while away from home a few times. I generally regret it. I like my own oven, pizza stone and other equipment better than what I have had to use elsewhere.


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The problem is that my loaves are very big and since I am traveling with 3 kids I dont want to add the extra bulk.