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Our Home-Grown Melamine Problem

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Our Home-Grown Melamine Problem


People concerned about the quality of their flour may wish to take a look at a good NY Times article, part of which says: 

Tracking the flow of wheat gluten around the world, much less evaluating its quality, is like trying to contain a drop of dye in a churning whirlpool.

The article is found at:

Good luck!

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I finished reading that article in NYT just before I came online here. Made me sick.                                                weavershouse

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Wow I don't know where to start thinking. Just makes you want to start eating real food and skip the processed things if you even can.


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I guess we are all wondering how we can 'skip the processed things'.

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Ominous!  I read a few years ago in National Geographic about the effects of chemical fertilizers seeping into the aquafers, over the past 30 or so years, now this revelation.  Melamine "mixing" sounds like a processed food version of stock deravitives.  Not bueno


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The same article appeared in the International Herald Tribune and after reading it, I asked King Arthur what precautions they took.  Their response:

We buy only the highest quality American grown wheat and our flours
are all milled in America. The flours in question used Chinese wheat. 
We wouldn't have stayed in business for over 200 years as America's
oldest flour company, if we used anything less.

At least my bread is safe.