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crochet brotform

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November 16, 2008 - 1:30pm -- SylviaH

Crochet brotform in an hour using 8 strands of worsted weight yarn.  Still needs work.  I would like it smaller and done with linen type strips of fabric for more support.  A fun project I started after seeing Howard's fabric brotform images.  Thanks again Howard.



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Submitted by josordoni on

Sylvia, That is such a brilliant idea... I am thinking I might try an oval one  - I have round cane brotforms (like yours in the photo) but could do with some oval ones for Batards. 

 I wonder if Macrame cords would work ok? 

Looks like I could soak it in cold water to get the flour out and sling in the washing machine when it got too manky.

 Excellent idea



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Submitted by SylviaH on

Thank you Lynne...glad you like the idea...I was impressed with Harold's rope/fabric brotform...why didn't I think of crochet before....the flour would work perfect on rag crochet just like a linen couche....a lot of shapes come to mind!

Macrame sounds like a great would be a perfect brot....I haven't done macrame since the 70's... Like you I really need the oval ones and intend on that being the next project...I've just been so busy lately with holiday's coming up.  I like the fact that everything is washable...machine or hand.  What I really want is the "Fabric crochet oval brotform" but I just don't have time right now to prepare the strips of will take approximately 3 yards of fabric to make the 2 inch strips.  I am thinking I can make the strips fast on my serger using an old cotton sheet.

Be sure and post a picture if you do one.


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Submitted by holds99 on


Very impressive.  My wife, Charlene, who sews said your crocheted banneton/brotform is "exceptional". 

Nice job.


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Submitted by SylviaH on

Thank you for such a nice compliment Howard and Charlene.  : )