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Barley Malt Vs. Rice Malt

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Barley Malt Vs. Rice Malt

Dear Bakers,

I have one bread recipe that calls for barley malt.  I went to many places, visited both the pharmacies and health food stores, none of them carry barley malt in store.  However, the closest I can find is rice malt.  My question is "Can rice malt substitute for the barley malt?"  I remembered I read somewhere that in the barley malt there is certain kind of enzyme that will help to break free the sugar held inside the wheat, will the rice malt do the same trick?




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King Arthur Flour sells barley malt on their website:

If you can find a brew-it-yourself beer place, they will also sell barley malt.  On the other hand, I have used honey as a replacement with pretty good results.