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Baguettes , Baguettes, baguettes!!!

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chahira daoud

Baguettes , Baguettes, baguettes!!!

Hello guys , did you miss me ???

I really missed you sooo much!!!!

I bought something new???here it is!!!baguettes moulds

baguettes moulds.

So i used it several times , the results were amazing!!!


Yassin & Malika were checking the harvest!!

Thanks to you! please Be my guest on my new blogs!!



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Yassin & Malika!!.. the baguettes aren't bad either! Yes, we missed you.


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chahira daoud
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I did miss you! I have been wondering why you hadn't been posting. I always enjoy seeing your very artistic breads, etc. Your baguette pan is awesome, as are your loaves. The only thing I would suggest that you try next time is to slash with the length of the loaf, slightly overlapping your slashes. You will be amazed at how much better your slashes will open up.

Your children are just adorable. I'll bet they are very proud of their mama's baking!

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chahira daoud

Thank you dear , That is so nice of you , I will listen to your advice , next baguette.

Thank you sooo much for your kind words.

wish you all the best!!

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Always enjoy seeing your posts of the interesting and nice breads and pastries you make.  Both your children and your baguettes look great.


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chahira daoud

Dear Howard :

You do not know how much I love your replies on my post , seeing your smiley face and your good looking makes me happy , also your kind words to me , thank you soooo much.

Love and peace from me to you!!

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and bread. What type of seeds do you have on them? Also, those pans are awesome.

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chahira daoud

Thank you Eli

I used a mix of flax seed + oats +sesame+germwheat+funnel seeds+ black seeds

Thank you for your kind words!!!

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Amazing bread chahira   .    i liked it very much , i will try to do it  shall you share me the recipe ( clrearly) please . i'm from egypt know you from lakii

thanj you alot , i;m proud of you soooooooooooooo much

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chahira daoud


Thank you soooo much Samouha, that is sooo nice to meet you on this amazing site, TFL is my favorite , here you can find a lot of wonderful bread artisans, you will find the recipe in details on laki, enjoy it and let me know about the results!!

boossa leeky ya bent belady!!!