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Potato Breads and More

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Potato Breads and More

I had leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge this weekend. I made a couple of different breads with them. One was the yeasted, eggy, buttery sweet bread from Bernard Clayton's book. The name of the recipe is escaping me now, but it makes great toast.

The other I made was a sourdough.

The best sourdough I've made in months. Amazing how a half a cup of potatoes softens everything up. It was great with a roasted red pepper topping I made I made and a pot of soup.

BTW, the cheapest place to get Roasted Red Peppers in my neighborhood? Dollar Tree. They have good olives too, both imported from Turkey.

* * *

In site news, I'm hoping to upgrade TFL to the latest version of Drupal and upgrade the server to a faster box over Thanksgiving weekend. I've started working on it already. I still have quite a few kinks to work out. Stay tuned.


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in sooooo many ways.  Kudos to you, Floyd! 

Don't pull too much hair out on that upgrade.  I'm nervous for ya, but I know the end result will be fabulous.  :)

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Floyd, those loaves look amazing!  Thanks for all your hard work maintaining this site.  I don't know how you have time to do it and still bake.

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Those look really tasty. Floyd, is that an all white sourdough? Great!

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It actually is about 500 grams white flour, 100 grams whole wheat, and 100 grams mashed potatoes. Plus the starter, some more water, and salt.

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It doesn't get better than those loaves.


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Purty crumb!