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Weekend bake, Sunflower Seed rye and light rye rolls.

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Weekend bake, Sunflower Seed rye and light rye rolls.

This is what I pulled out of my oven today, a good 2kg of dough worth. First a small batch of light rye rolls made somewhat according to the instructions for making sourdough italian bread that was posted here earlier by Dmsnyder i think. The formula does only call for white flour but as I live in sweden I find that breads should contain at least a small portion of rye!

I made the dough with 20% rye flour wich gives you a dough that handles exactly like a wheat dough but with greater taste and also a somewhat drier feel, due to the high ash content of my whole grain rye flour, I also topped them with a mixture of wheat bran and rolled oats so they resemble the kind of "fake healthy" bread you can buy in stores and bakeries here in sweden.

The other breads were two sunflower ryes as per BBA, made with 30%rye starter and really coarse rye meal for the rye content in the dough. Lightly toasted sunflower seeds make for a lovely taste, can´t wait to open these babies! I have started tt get a bit better at shaping since I studied Marks videos, that technique is far superior to my prevoius attempts. Now I only have to make room for the loaves in my freezer! '


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Beautiful job on both the rolls and bread, Kuret.


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This Day

Beautiful rolls and loaves, Kuret!  In September you queried the forum for advice as to whether to use barley flour for dusting your brotforms.  Which flour have you used here?

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I dusted my brotforms with a mixture of barley and wheat fliur, I find the barley flour a bit too coarse to use as dusting flour on its own.

I'll up som crump pictures tomorrow, or something..