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Hello and thank you from Virginia

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Hello and thank you from Virginia

New member from Virginia chiming in here.  I have read quite a bit of the forums and want to thank everybody for their great advice and bread baking tips.  I am new at baking bread and this site has been a lot of help.

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staff of life

Where in Va are you from?  I'm in the Shenandoah Valley.


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Va. Beach area,  I used to live in Wise County for a bit though.

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Glad you have joined us.  I lived in N. Va. for years, hiked throughout the Shenandoah Valley and am a U. Va. alum.  Love that state.


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hello from austin texas im a professional baker for a few years now and am getting into home baking expanding my mind on breads and getting in touch with the hand made goodness of bread. i always thought doing bread by hand was too much trouble but im trying to learn more about what i do and how to become better both at home and out there in the baking world. good luck to all and lok for my posts leave feed back when you can thanks.