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Food grade plastic and storage and proofing of baked products

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Food grade plastic and storage and proofing of baked products

In one of the threads recently I came across a mentioning of the use of plastic grocery shopping bags as being a non-food grade plastic - but were/are being used by some to proof loaves prior to baking.

These days I have access to saran wrap which is food grade - but in the past had used non-food grade trash bags (the big black kind) to proof several trays of loaves. I quit this practice fairly quickly as I noticed these bags give off a very strong smell. Not that any loaves ever proofed long enough for the odor to transfer to the dough... but I didn't want to take any chances either.

Additionally I found that some American brands of black platic trash bags are actually impregnated with insecticide.
Great for keeping bugs out of trash - NOT great for coming in contact with food.

So... at any rate - I'd like to start a thread where people can post their info on food grade plastics and plastic wraps and containers - basically anything to do with making/proofing/storage of bread.

If you have questions or links please post them here.

Here is a link I found on food grade storage:

Food FAQ

and a more general page from the same site on all facets of food storage:

Food Storage Main Page

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cake diva

I reuse those large plastic tubs that are used to package mesclun and other fancy salad greens.  They're great for proofing and have enough room for folding dough.

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I have 2 Cambro tubs (round 8 qt and square 12 qt.)that I use for mixing/proofing. They are great for the first rise because they are clear and you can easily mark where the dough was at the start of fermentation. This makes it much easier to tell if the dough has doubled. I got mine at a pizza supply place in my town, but I'm sure any restaurant/catering supply place would have them.

I think mine cost $10-15, but they are well worth the investment. You can probably order them from lots of sites, just google Cambro

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 I bought  my Cambro containers (2 to 8 qt) at Smart & Final here in California.


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I too have a bunch of Cambro containers that I got from Smart & Final in southern california...they are built to last, affordable and work really well!

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I came across the Ziploc BIG bags in the market last week. They come in 3 different sizes; Large, XLarge and XXLarge.  They had the XXL on sale, so I picked up a box of them. I happened to be making bread and the weather was overcast and dreary. My bread was not happy and wasn't cooperating with proofing. Remembering I had the bags, I pulled one out and put my bread dough in it. Lo and behold, it had a great rise to it in about 45 minutes!!! I started wondering if the bags were "food grade" since the box touted they were great to hold sports equipment, shoes, blankets, etc., so I wrote to SC Johnson... Below is their reply....

Thank you for letting us know how well Ziploc® Brand Big Bags with the Double Zipper Seal work to help you proof your bread dough.

Ziploc® Big Bags are approved for the storage of food, but should not be used in the microwave or oven.

The Large size will hold 2 large mixing bowls and the XLarge will hold 2 (home size) sheet pans.

So, in case anyone is still looking for "food grade" plastic bags, this is another alternative for you.



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bottom rack dishwasher safe. These are the only bottom rack dishwasher safe plastic containers that I know about.