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Crown shaped bread

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Crown shaped bread

I am trying to make bread in the shape of a crown.

gogole seems to have turned up no clues.. BUT it did help me find this amazing site!! (i think im going to try bagels first!!)

has anyone here ever made crown shaped bread? i made several, but they all seemed to eaither lose the detail or flop...

a mold perhaps? any ideas?


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Is this the type of bread your looking for?

 I can vouch for the accuracy and outcome of her formulas she's among the best amongst us here!


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Mini Oven

Are you looking to make an actual crown? If so try baking the crown flat and after cooling wrap up in plastic. When the crust has softened, bend into a crown and fix. Let dry.

Your Bagel idea is interesting too. I can see baking on an inverted steel bowl for added curve. Or what about pieces that can be laced together after baking?

Mini O

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as you can see in the end of the clip, the pattern flattens a bit, but there is plenty of oven spring.

so: don't make your dough too wet, don't make the final rising too long and give a good coup de buée (initial steam)