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il gianfornaio

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il gianfornaio

Hi guys


I found this site while searching for a couple of bread recipes. I have a bread book with a picture of an australian vegetable bread called il gianfornaio which is a wrap of different vegetable doughs the whole thing looks vaguely like a rastas hat. I have some pumpkin that I'm intending to make into a yeasted pumpkin bread and was wondering if I could freeze some of the dough to use in making an il gianfornaio if I can find a recipe/method for it. ( or for enough different vegi breads to be worth a stab at it)


Yours aye


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don't know nothing about freezing  yeasted doughs, but gianfornaio recipe is quite easy: 

make three portions of a standard white dough you are familiar with. but instead of water use spinach juice, beet juice and tomato juice. the fourth one as usual with water.

and braid it. 

choose baking temperature lower as usual and bake a bit longer.  


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Thanks I did wonder if it was puree as in pumpkin bread that was used I shall have to give it a try. 

Made my dough a bit too wet when I did the pumpkin bread so haven't tried to keep any instead made it all into rolls baked in muffin tins.