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Stones for grain mill

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Stones for grain mill

I recently purchased a used Marathon Uni-mill via ebay.  When I tried to grind grain in it, the grain was very coarse.  Not something I could bake a good bread with.  I have tried to locate the company online but I suppose they no longer exist.  I may need to replace the stones, or at least have them re-surfaced.  Someone also told me the stones have aluminum in them.  Does anyone know anything about this, or have a resource for replacement stones?


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I believe Retsel supplies stones for various makes.



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I'll look that up.

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Where you ever to find any Replacement Stones for your Marathon Uni-mill? I am looking for some myself and cannot find them.


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Aluminium oxide is a common material for abrasives like sandpaper and some grinding stones however the gemstone ruby is also aluminium oxide and I don't think that there is much to worry about getting free aluminium from digesting the oxide. Aluminium is in many things that we would not think about.

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Troy Larsen

It seems that millstones are made from several types of naturally occuring stone.  But many of these naturally occuring stones are aluminosilicates (compounds of aluminum, silicon, and oxygen).  These compounds are pretty stable.

I personally worry about my exposure to aluminum in the kitchen.  But I worry about pans, etc.  Aluminum in stone, like granite counter tops if I had them, I would not worry about.

Sapphire is "another" aluminum oxide.  Ruby is aluminum oxide with chromium as an impurity.  You have more aluminum around you than you realize.


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I too may need to puchase new stones.  After 35+ years of use, one of the stones just dropped off. I have not taken it apart yet, but does anyone know if the stone was glued on?  It looks like it was. The one closer to the front and not attached to the motor.  It was still grinding well until it broke off. If it was glued on, what glue would I use to replace the stone on the front surface?