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roasted pepers siciliano

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roasted pepers siciliano

 First remove smoke detectors and close all doors in house, (unless you do this on grill outside) 

Take real nice thick walled red bells, or other colored peppers wash them do not cut them.

 Burn them, ona gas flame, all sides, tops and bottomsnot mamby pamby I mean BURN, they will puff and be black and ymmyness in waiting . On a good day I have all four stove tops on the fans going and my smokedetectors out! As they come off the grates pop them in a brown bag in a plastic bag roll top down(lay bag sideways so the heat does not vent right out each time you open the bags).

when all are done leave them rolled up for a while while you clean the kitchen then take a bowl of cool water and have a second bowl ready over the empty bowl, break open the limp pepper letting the juices fall in the bowl, they are sweet, then drop the peoppers in cool water  to slip the skins, deseed, I also tear or cut them into chunks strips as I go. 

Now real sicialians after doing this put Xtra virgin and regular olive oil on them tons of garlic and MAYBE a hint of parsley (or a lot). Toss them, let sit coverd till they are done.

I leave out most of the oil and add balsamic vinegar, and the herbs in Italian Vinegrette. This ticks off my mom and dad and in laws, but, well I like mine better. If you do these before bread is made say 1-2 hours earlier then making, baking, cooling and they are ready to go. We like them on many things . They are especially nice in dead of winter, when real toamtoes are impossible to obtain.

 you can also thick slice(slab ) an onion, grill it both sides drop the temp then cook them in slabs and add them to the mixed product before you cover it to marinate. (leave the slabs now limp with some core on them, and let them stay as whole as possible.

or take the onions and a piece or three of grilled eggplant and zuke and the fullmatured peppres and mince away. Have your garlic bread mit a schmear!

With a nice German beer or nice reisling or maywine, an Asti or Chianti or sweeter Itaian wines these are fab....

 they are local snak(done right) for weight watcher, just back off on the oil. The bread and oil will have all the calories, I made my wife read the reinhart book, and the breads are quite nice for WW diets.

 MANGIA Qui fait granda


not Italian, just an incredible simulation